The Victoria Bowmen Club needs a regular group of volunteers to keep events running smoothly. If you are interested in any of the volunteer positions below, please contact us with your information.

If you would like to volunteer with the club’s Board of Directors, visit our Join The Board page. To volunteer for tournaments, coaching, or judging, please contact the board’s Tournament Director.

The Job Jar

General jobs that always need volunteers:

  • Equipment/Arrow Repair

Safety Officer

The duty safety officer (whistle blower) will be drawn from a list of volunteers who will ensure all practice sessions are as safe as possible.


  • The safety officer should have taken the Archery Canada Safety Officer online training; however, a good knowledge of shooting etiquette and safety is enough.
  • Ensure the entire session is conducted in a safe manner as per the portable safety/rules board posted at the midpoint of the butt line.
  • Blow the whistle (or run timer) for all sessions
    • 2 whistles – Archers to the line
    • 1 whistle – Begin shooting
    • 3 whistles – Retrieve arrows
    • 4 or more whistles – Emergency: Stop shooting
  • Ensure everyone shooting knows the proper shooting/whistle sequence.
  • Ensure everyone shooting (especially new archers) can hit the butt they are shooting at. If not, move them to a closer butt.
  • Any archer not adhering to the rules shall be removed from the line.
  • The safety officer may shoot as long as he / she can continue to monitor the whole range and other shooters.

In summary, the safety officer is responsible for range safety and operations and has authority to move folks to other butts, or stop them shooting if they act in an unsafe manner.