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A Foreword For Parents

It’s best to NOT buy archery gear for your child before starting lessons, as archery equipment is highly customizable according to the user, and used equipment may be available for sale.

Once your child has mastered the basics, the Junior Olympic Program is an excellent environment for your child to develop competitive skills, and for both of you to learn more about the different kinds of equipment.

Kids can learn the basics of the sport by coming out to shoot at various lesson times, and experiment with different sizes of bows, different weights of arrows, and different shooting distances. You can also drop by during club shoots to ask questions of the JOP instructors.


The British Columbia Archery Association (BCAA) has recognized the need for a developmental program for junior archers. The main purpose of the program is to encourage maximum participation in the sport.

If the program is followed step by step, all participants should be able to develop their abilities to the maximum, and at the same time enjoy the oldest of sports. Long term training will encourage the pursuit of excellence, with the possibility of JOP archers reaching international and Olympic standards as they progress.

First and foremost, the emphasis must be on safety. To maintain safety, it is necessary that responsible adult supervision be on hand at all times during the shooting. It is not necessary that these persons be expert archers. However, all supervisors should be well versed in safety routines for archery.


The Junior Olympic Program is a program set with key elements to motivate junior archers to excel within the sport. Archers are given awards and recognition for obtaining milestones set within the program. These accomplishments help the archers build the skills and confidence to perform on a competitive level. With strong focus on safety and sportsmanlike ethics, the program establishes the foundation of world class archers.

BCAA JOP Program

We are excited about our Junior Olympic Program. Archery is a fun, very safe sport, but a bow is still a weapon, and with youthful enthusiasm combined with lack of supervision anything could happen.

Our club is all about the youth of our community and our commitment to providing recreation for them. The program is open to members of the Victoria Bowmen Archery club within the ages of 8-20. Beginner equipment is provided.

Archers will be expected to assist in set up and take-down of range equipment.

Parents are encouraged to stay, learn a bit about the sport, try it yourself if you like or take the opportunity to just sit back in those wonderful surroundings and enjoy some quiet time. That way everyone benefits, but mostly the kids!

Indoor/Outdoor Tournaments

It is our goal to attend each of the JOP Championships:

  • To compete at the Archery Canada Indoor Tournaments (first Saturday of March).
  • To compete at outdoor 900 rounds and work towards a FITA Star.

Arrow shafts must be marked with the archer’s name or initials, and all arrows used for the same end shall carry the same pattern and colour of fletching, nocks, and cresting.

The dress code recommended for JOP Championships is clean, neat clothing (jeans and white shirt are optional). Closed footwear (no sandals) is mandatory.

Shooting Regulations

All JOP members are expected to follow club rules and etiquette for the indoor range.