The Victoria Bowmen attempt to hold monthly combined Canadian 900, T2S900, and 720 tournament shoots at the outdoor range, dependent on the availability of judges and volunteers for set up. All competitors are welcome.

Shoots registered with Archery Canada will have a judge and use a time clock. Shoots not registered will be informal and use a whistle.

For the Canadian 900s there are two distance options:

  • The standard 900 distances of 55, 45 and 35 M (30 arrows at each distance)
  • The 900 training distances of 35, 30, and 25 M (30 arrows at each distance)

For further information on rounds, categories, and distances for each age group, refer to Chapter 4 of the Archery Canada Rulebook or visit our pages on archer categories and tournament scoring.


$10 for Victoria Bowmen club members. $20 for guest competitors.

Tournament Rewards

Each year Victoria Bowmen conducts a draw for 2 free memberships based on participation in the club’s tournaments. Each time a club member shoots a tournament and submits a score, their name is automatically entered into the draw. At the end of the year, two names are drawn for free memberships for the following year.

Club members are only eligible to win once every five years. The free memberships are for the Victoria Bowmen portion of membership fees, not the Archery Canada portion.

Shoot a tournament, have fun, and have a chance at the membership draw!


When shooting at registered Victoria Bowmen tournaments:

  • Set up for the shoot starts at 9:00 am – all club member shooters help set up.
  • Practice starts at 9:30 am.
  • Scoring begins at 10:15 or 10:30 am. (maximum 45 minutes for practice)
  • There is a 10-15 minute break between distances.
  • Members are asked to put away their butts etc if they leave early and those who shoot the events are asked to help with take down when the shoot is complete.

To sign up for any shoot, contact .

To see a schedule of upcoming tournaments please visit the Tournament Event Calendar, or see the list below. All shoots are currently on Saturdays. Please watch your email for any changes:


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