JOP Directors/Coaches


The British Columbia Archery Association (BCAA) has recognized the need for a developmental program for junior archers. The main purpose of the program is to encourage maximum participation in the sport.

If the program is followed step by step, all participants should be able to develop their abilities to the maximum, and at the same time enjoy the oldest of sports. Long term training will encourage the pursuit of excellence, with the possibility of JOP archers reaching international and Olympic standards as they progress.

First and foremost, the emphasis must be on safety. To maintain safety, it is necessary that responsible adult supervision be on hand at all times during the shooting. It is not necessary that these persons be expert archers. However, all supervisors should be well versed in safety routines for archery.


The Junior Olympic Program is a program set with key elements to motivate junior archers to excel within the sport. Archers are given awards and recognition for obtaining milestones set within the program. These accomplishments help the archers build the skills and confidence to perform on a competitive level. With strong focus on safety and sportsmanlike ethics, the program establishes the foundation of world class archers.

BCAA JOP Program

We are excited about our Junior Olympic Program. Archery is a fun, very safe sport, but a bow is still a weapon, and with youthful enthusiasm combined with lack of supervision anything could happen.

Our club is all about the youth of our community and our commitment to providing recreation for them. The program is open to members of the Victoria Bowmen Archery club within the ages of 8-20. Beginner equipment is provided.

Archers will be expected to assist in set up and take-down of range equipment.

Parents are encouraged to stay, learn a bit about the sport, try it yourself if you like or take the opportunity to just sit back in those wonderful surroundings and enjoy some quiet time. That way everyone benefits, but mostly the kids!

Indoor/Outdoor Tournaments

It is our goal to attend each of the JOP Championships:

  • To compete at the Archery Canada Indoor Tournaments (hosted by our club on the first Saturday of March).
  • To compete in the MICA (hosted by our club on the first Saturday of February).
  • To compete at outdoor 900 rounds and work towards a FITA Star.

Arrow shafts must be marked with the archer’s name or initials, and all arrows used for the same end shall carry the same pattern and colour of fletching, nocks, and cresting.

The dress code recommended for JOP Championships is white pants or shorts and white shirts. Girls may wear dresses, skirts, divided skirts, slacks, or shorts. Clean, neat jeans and white shirt are optional.

Shooting Regulations

All JOP members are expected to follow club rules and etiquette for the indoor and outdoor range.

Individual Safety

  1. All shooting must be under the direct supervision of a Director of Shooting.
  2. Stringing a bow, if incorrectly done, can cause injury. Always use a bow stringer.
  3. After stringing the bow, check to see that the string is on correctly.
  4. Never use damaged equipment such as cracked or twisted bows, loose nocks, or points on arrows. Cracks or chips could cause an arrow to break on release. Destroy damaged arrows.
  5. Never shoot with arrows that are too short for you. They can catch on the bow and split on release, or they could go through the hand if overdrawn.
  6. Ensure that bowstrings are properly fitted and not worn. Arrows must be maintained, and other items of equipment such as arm guards and finger tabs must be properly fitted.
  7. Wear a breast protector to contain loose clothing. Breast pockets should be empty.
  8. When approaching the targets to retrieve arrows, care must be taken not to walk into an arrow sticking in the ground or target. Nocks are very sharp.
  9. Never release the string of a bow when there is no arrow to absorb the weight of tension produced. This could cause breakage or injury.

Indoor Scoring & Badge Award Levels

These rounds are developed by the international sport body World Archery.

We use a 5 colour target face with ten scoring zones, counting from 10 to 1. Three arrows are shot in an end (turn) with 10 ends making up a round of 30 arrows and a maximum possible score of 300.

Badge Distance Target Face Minimum Score
Yeoman 18M 80cm 60
Junior Bowman 18M 80cm 90
Junior Archer 18M 80cm 120
Bowman 18M 80cm 160
Archer 18M 60cm 160
Master Bowman 18M 60cm 180
Master Archer 18M 60cm 200
Expert Bowman 18M 40cm 180
Expert Archer 18M 40cm 200
Champion Bowmen 18M 40cm 220
Champion Archer 18M 40cm 230
Olympian 18M 40cm 240
Olympian 250 18M 40cm 250
Olympian 260 18M 40cm 260
Olympian 265 18M 40cm 265
Olympian 270 18M 40cm 270
Olympian 275 18M 40cm 275
Olympian 280 18M 40cm 280
Olympian 285 18M 40cm 285
Olympian 290 18M 40cm 290
Olympian 295 18M 40cm 295
Olympian 300 18M 40cm 300

Outdoor Scoring & Badge Award Levels

These are shot on World Archery (WA) target faces.

  • 50 meters and under use the 80cm face, and the greater distances use the 122cm faces.
  • Scoring on the 50cm face takes place after each end of 3 arrows.
  • Scoring on the 122cm face takes place after 2 ends (turns) of 3 arrows each, for 6 arrows total.
  • For the badges up to 90M, the archer shoots 36 arrows for a possible score of 360.
  • For all the “Olympian” badges, the archers will shoot a “full WA 1440” round. See details below for those distances/requirements.
Badge Distance Target Face Minimum Score
20 Meters 20M 80cm 120
25 Meters 25M 80cm 140
30 Meters 30M 80cm 155
35 Meters 35M 80cm 160
40 Meters 40M 80cm 170
45 Meters 45M 80cm 180
50 Meters 50M 80cm 190
55 Meters 55M 122cm 200
60 Meters 60M 122cm 200
70 Meters 70M 122cm 190
90 Meters 90M 122cm 190
Olympian 1000 full 1440 80cm and 122cm 1000
Olympian 1050 full 1440 80cm and 122cm 1050
Olympian 1100 full 1440 80cm and 122cm 1100
Olympian 1150 full 1440 80cm and 122cm 1150
Olympian 1200 full 1440 80cm and 122cm 1200
Olympian 1250 full 1440 80cm and 122cm 1250
Olympian 1300 full 1440 80cm and 122cm 1300

Shooting Categories


Archery Canada rules. This is the style used in the Olympics, Worlds, Pan-Am, Canada Summer Games, Western Canada Games and the US Nationals.

  • Recurve bow
  • Sight stabilizers
  • Finger tabs
  • Arm guards
  • No:
    • Scopes
    • Bow levels
    • Peep sights
    • Releases
    • Electronic equipment


Archery Canada rules.

  • Longbow or recurve bow
  • Arm guards
  • No:
    • Sights
    • Stabilizers


Archery Canada rules.

  • Compound bow
  • Scopes
  • Peep sights
  • Releases
  • Stabilizers
  • Bow must be within 60 lbs in draw weight
  • No:
    • Electronic equipment.

Compound Limited

JOP rules.

  • Compound bow
  • Peep sights
  • No:
    • Scopes
    • Releases
    • Electronic equipment

Barebow Compound

Archery Canada rules.

  • Compound bow
  • No:
    • Stabilizers
    • Sights
    • Releases
    • Electronic equipment