Indoor Shooting

  • At Saanich Commonwealth Place from September 23, 2021 until April. (check calendar below for individual date confirmations)
  • No shooting from December 10th to January 1st. – Except for Thursday Dec 30, 2021
  • Club Shoots: Sunday afternoons 2 – 4 PM, and Thursday evenings 7:40 PM – 9:40 PM.
  • JOP Practice: Sunday afternoons 1 – 2 PM.
  • Archery Drop-ins with Saanich Recreation (members & non-members welcome) Monday evenings.

Indoor Shooting Safety Rules

The following rules must be followed while shooting at Saanich Recreation:

  • Hand sanitizer will be available and is to be used prior to entering the gym.
  • Everyone must sign the attendance book for contact tracing purposes upon entry. Daily Attendance Information will include the first and last name, phone number and/or email address for each attendee.
  • Gym access will start at the time of your booking start time (7:40 PM). Early entry is no longer an option/allowed due to COVID-19 set up and cleaning protocols.
  • Entry and Exit points will be clearly marked and are the EXTERIOR doors of the gym. Entry is the East Side door access in front of the parking lot, and Exit is the North Side door of the gymnasium. Groups must follow the designated flow patterns.
  • Please do not arrive early and avoid gathering outside of the gym. Social distancing must be considered.
  • All participants are to arrive “gym ready”, prepared, water filled ahead of time etc. There will be no access to the change rooms at SCP.
  • The Facility Attendant will open the gym doors at our permit start time. The gym doors open outward so please be mindful of where you are standing so no one is hit by the doors when they are opened.
  • Entry and access to the gym is for our group’s participants only. There is to be no 3rd party viewing/access to the building (e.g. no parents watching or using the bathroom).
    Washroom access at SCP will be limited to the washroom on the main floor (across from registration desk).
  • The Facility Attendant will be stationed at the greeter desk adjacent to the gym. If you require assistance from the Facility Attendant please go to the greeter desk. Please be mindful of physical distancing when engaging with the Facility Attendant.
  • Equipment take-down must happen BEFORE our end time so that our group is exiting the gym at our designated permit end time. This must happen or our permit may be revoked, as we are required to have designated cleaning times between and after all user groups. If you are the last user of the evening this applies to your group as well, as the custodians must have time to access the Community Use space in order to effectively clean after our groups use the space.
  • When exiting the facility, please leave promptly and discourage any loitering outside the gymnasium.

Please note if the above guidelines are not consistently met, our permit may be revoked.