How to “get started” in archery is a loaded question. Most of the answers depend on the new archer. Skill, time to practice, patience, and budget are all important considerations.

For the purpose of this website, we will provide the recommended path for both young archers and late teen/adult archers. As mentioned, nothing is ever firm — this is meant as a guide to let you know many of the steps required, and things to consider when starting out. The most important part of archery is to have some fun.

The Victoria Bowmen recommend taking lessons before joining the club. For more information please visit our Lessons page.

Kids’ Archery (8-21 years)

Parents — DO NOT go out and buy archery gear for your child before starting out (assuming that you will be coming to the club to get a feel for things). Come out to the club and have your kid(s) try different sizes of bows, different weights of arrows, shooting different distances, and learn as much as you can. Club members will be there to share an opinion or some experience on what one may need.

With the Jr. Olympic Program in place, there is an excellent environment for your child to develop skills and for both of you to learn about the different types of equipment. Kids can learn the basics of the sport by coming out to shoot at various times and ask questions of the JOP instructors.

Additionally, sometimes club members will know of used archery equipment that is for sale.