Do you have your own archery equipment and know how to shoot? If so please come join us at one of our sessions (either indoor or outdoor) and we’ll try to make you welcome and tell you about our facilities and club.

If you’ve already had a look at the range and would like to join, you can easily join via email, telephone, PayPal, cheque or cash.


To become a Victoria Bowmen club member you must have:

  1. your own archery equipment
  2. knowledge of archery basics and safety
  3. reached at least eight (8) years of age.

The club does not provide equipment rentals. See the “Equipment” paragraph below. However, equipment is fully provided at our Lessons. If you require basic, intermediate or advanced archery training/lessons see our Lessons page. For young persons less than 8 years old lessons are offered through Saanich recreation.


The advantages to joining the Victoria Bowmen are many, including:

  • access to both our outdoor and indoor ranges
  • full voting membership to the club
  • membership with the BC Archery Association
  • membership with Archery Canada
  • comprehensive insurance at any club in registered events and tournaments
  • juniors 8-19 years old can participate in our JOP program
  • access to regular tournaments in Victoria and elsewhere
  • regular newsletters from the club and from BCAA
  • access to orientation, training and seminar sessions
  • camaraderie in a shared sporting interest

Drop-In Guests

Drop-in guests who wish to try out our range before joining must have their own equipment and sign in with an existing club member, or otherwise sign up for Saanich Recreation’s Drop-In Archery program. Non-participating spectators are allowed to attend club shoots provided they stay behind the shooting line.


If you require lessons or private coaching please refer to our page on Archery Lessons.


Your safety and enjoyment of the sport will be greatly enhanced with properly sized and fitted archery gear. Suitable target archery equipment is not available from merchants in Victoria. Please contact us or come visit us at our ranges to talk to one of our coaches or experienced archers to obtain the proper equipment. This applies to barebow, traditional, recurve and compound shooters alike (the club can often get you a better price).


To renew your Victoria Bowmen membership for the upcoming year, please refer to our Membership Sign-up page.