COVID Advisory

Drop-in archery with Saanich Recreation is suspended until COVID precautions are eased.

Watch this page! We will post updates here as soon as they are released.

Open Drop-In Nights

Drop-In nights at Saanich Commonwealth Centre are available to archers interested in some extra shooting time, or those who don’t yet have their own equipment but want to keep in practice. Drop-in nights are not lessons, so while equipment is provided and facilitators are on-site, instruction is limited.

Drop-in nights are for those aged 16 and up, cap at 20-24 participants, and spots are first come, first served. Come early and pay at the downstairs registration desk to make sure you get in and can ask our facilitators any questions you may have.

Club Shoot Drop-Ins

It is important to note that only club members may shoot at club facilities as they are insured through BCAA and Archery Canada.

Guests are allowed to try out archery once provided they sign our Guest Register found at both our indoor and outdoor facility. This Guest Policy is a part of the club’s liability insurance more information can be found here.

Drop-in guests who wish to try out our range at a club shoot before joining must have their own equipment, sign in, and be supervised by an existing club member, or otherwise attend through Saanich Recreation’s Drop-In Archery program (see above).

Non-participating spectators are allowed to attend club shoots provided they stay behind the shooting line.