If you would like to take intermediate/advanced classes or arrange for private lessons to further your technique, please refer to the Archery Lessons page.

Cover for Advanced Shooting Technique PDF

Advanced Shooting Technique

Archery Australia’s booklet on Advanced Shooting Technique for Recurve or Compound goes into advanced detail on the elements of shooting such as stance, nocking, predraw, drawing, alignment and anchor, holding, expansion and release, and more.

Screenshot of coaching videos on the Archery GB website.

Coaching Videos from Great Britain

This series of videos introduces coaches working with intermediate archers to specific techniques, drills and skills to help archers shoot from a better position of strength, alignment and posture.

Further technical advice can also be found in the ‘Ask the Experts’ section of the Archery UK magazine, where the country’s top coaches regularly contribute.

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PowerPoint Presentations from World Archery