Lots of club news, tournaments, reminders, and updates to share with you this month!
Congratulations to our recent JOP Tournament archers!
After a pause of more than two years, Victoria Bowmen Juniors are once again getting the opportunity to compete, and are getting great scores, establishing their status on the BC Archery scene! On February 6, 2022 we ran a regional tournament at Saanich Commonwealth and we are so happy and proud to report the results. Erich Engelhardt, Keira Mansell, Kento Leacock, Anna Gao, Chloe de Leur, Bailey Drinkwalter, Maddox Eliason and Nolan Curtis participated and all received ribbons and passed several levels of the Junior Program. Many of them are already practicing to achieve their next levels and are looking forward to the BC JOP Championships that we’re hosting April 3 (see the story below for more details). Our Juniors are back on the scene and getting bigger and better!

Reminder: JOP Indoor Championships April 3rd!
A reminder that we are hosting the Vancouver Island portion of the JOP Indoor Championships – a regional event held at different centres throughout the province – on Sunday, April 3rd at 1:00pm at Saanich Commonwealth. We will try to accommodate a full club shooting session at 2pm, however, the priority will be the tournament, so you can practice as long as there is space and on a non-interference basis. It will be a good opportunity to practice with the timing clocks. Or just come out and support our Junior archers! If any of our Juniors are interested in participating, fill out the entry form here and submit it to Helena by March 31 – her contact details are on the form.

Please note: As lessons will be ongoing in the gym until 1PM, please do not enter the gym via the main doors. Enter using the North entrance and register and check in at the Douglas Fir room (first room on your left as you enter). Then we can enter the gym from there.
Canadian Regional Indoor Championships
Victoria Bowmen members also participated in the Canadian Regional Indoor Championships hosted by the Cowichan Bowmen on March 5th. They (Cowichan Bowmen) are considering hosting the Multi-Sites Indoor Championships of the Americas (MICA), which is a similar tournament to the Regionals, where scores are entered for tournaments throughout the Americas from Canada to Argentina – an opportunity to see your scores against the entire Americas! If you’re interested, let Al know and he will communicate with Cowichan.
Outdoor venue
We are still looking for an outdoor home. Sorry to report that 2 possibilities have fallen through in February, but there is still some hope – we’re doing our best! With that in mind, we have opened a dialogue with Cowichan Bowmen to host some 720/900s at their range. We’ll post the shoots to our website once they’ve scheduled them. While we’d like to host them down here, the hassles of setting up and taking down all the necessary equipment for 10 or fewer shooters is just not worth it! Hopefully we’ll find more participants as we come out of COVID.
Coaching course April 2 & 3
Archery BC and the UVic Archery Club are hosting an Instructor Intermediate course at UVic April 2 &3 , 2022. This is an excellent way to become qualified to help coach at any of the club’s beginner programs (and make some extra $). The application form is on the ArcheryBC website, and the club will assist members in the cost of the clinic. If you have any questions about the course, just contact Al.
Range Safety Officers needed and Judging course possibility
We’re always looking for more volunteers to blow the whistle during shooting, so if you can help out, please let Al know. We’d also like to have more members qualified as ‘Range Safety Officers’. The training is free and all online, and the test is ‘open book’. You’ll find more details on the Archery Canada Website. We are also working with the Cowichan Bowmen about the possibility of hosting a Judging course later this year. If interested, please let us know.
55+ Games Archery September 13-17 in Victoria
We are hosting the archery portion of the 2022 55+ Games September 13–17 at Topaz Park. Please mark your calendars – we’ll need lots of help, and we’d appreciate your assistance helping to run this event! The ‘playdowns’ (used to be called trials) for these games will be May 21, 2022 at 10 AM at Cowichan Bowmen and shot at 55+ distances (45/35/25M). Registration details to follow – watch our website.
Canadian Championships in 2023
We will also be hosting the Canadian Outdoor Target Championships in August 2023. This is a big event, and we’ll need lots of help. Please consider making yourself available to help out. For more information contact Al or Greg .
Membership cards and indoor shoot sign-in
Please remember to wear your membership card in such a way that it is visible whenever you are shooting! If not, we have to ask you for it, which is a lot of trouble for all. The club has a laminator, so if you would like your card laminated and hole punched, just let Al know. And we also still need to sign in at indooor club shoots.  Please find the book and sign in every time for both JOP and club, Thanks!
Next Board meeting March 17th
Our next club Board meeting is March 17th at 7PM, in the Douglas Fir Room at Saanich Commonwealth Place. Members are welcome to attend.


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