The Club AGM will be held at Saanich Commonwealth Place on Thursday September 23, 2021 at 7:00 p.m (note time change). in the Douglas Fir room. All club members are welcome to attend and cast their votes. Social distancing and mask requirements will be observed.

There will be the election of the new Board of Directors (the 2021 Board has agreed to stand again with the exception of the Secretary. We have a new candidate for the Secretary position). Nominations for the Board can be received until nominations close at the meeting on the 23rd of September.

The board will be voting on the implementation of a new draft of the Victoria Bowmen Club Constitution and Bylaws. Please take the opportunity to review the proposed draft prior to the meeting.

There is no further business on the agenda.

Please come out and hear the latest news concerning the club. This has been a very pivotal and disappointing year, we need your participation more than ever.