Here is the latest update for Victoria Bowmen:

Outdoor Range Open

After careful consideration, the Victoria Bowmen Executive has decided to reopen the outdoor range, subject to the following rules:

  • If you are sick or symptomatic, stay home
  • Social Distancing is mandatory
  • Masks must be worn except when actually shooting
  • Members must bring and use their own hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes
    • The targets are to be wiped down before and after use.
  • The toilets will remain closed
  • All users must be aware of the Victoria Bowmen COVID Protocols
  • There are to be no ‘organized’ activities (no JOP, no tournaments, work parties, or lessons)
  • No Guests or spectators
  • If you cannot comply with these rules please stay home

Your cooperation in keeping the range open is appreciated; if these rules are not followed we will be forced to close the range again.

Lock The Gate!

If you are the last one at the range, please take the responsibility of checking to make sure everything is locked (container compound and gate). Best to go ahead and lock it if you’re not sure. Do not leave the locks undone while you are using the range.