Here is the latest news and upcoming events for Victoria Bowmen:

Bag Course Closed

The bag course as we know it is now closed and is in the process of being dismantled. We had hoped to leave it to the end, however, the work now happening on the site makes that area dangerous so it must be closed. We will move some bags onto the main target field to allow for shooting at those distances.

Final Work Party/Closing BBQ Aug 29

Mark your calendars, we will do our final clean up on August 29th starting at 0930, so please join us for the final purge to clean up the last vestiges of what has been our range for the past 11 years. We’ll have a garbage container on site so, it will be a final cleanup. We’ll follow that up with a Free Club BBQ and some ceremonies and fun to close up the range for the final time. Food and Beverages will be supplied by the club, if you want to shoot some final arrows, this would be the time. Hopefully we can see you all out for a final send off!

Range From Now to the End of August

BC Transit continues to allow our use of the property while their site preparations are in progress, please remember to cooperate with workers whom you may encounter, if they need to work, please move on and come back when they are finished.

Victoria Bowmen in the News

Check out these news outlets if you’re interested in seeing some coverage on the club:

July 7th Times Colonist Sports Section
Black press next edition either July 8th or July 9th
CBC Radio July 8th at 4:30 PM
CTV Vancouver Island July 8th at 5 or 6 p.m.