Victoria Bowmen Archery Association

Meeting Minutes – Tuesday May 5, 2020


  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order over Zoom by the President at 7:05pm

  1. Attendance

Al Wills, Larry Gagnon, Helena Myllyniemi, Lisa Lange, Greg Birtwistle, Greg Cargill, Kendra Savich, Dave Ball, Frank Perry, Ellen Vander Hoek.

  1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

The President welcomed the Board Members present and thanked them for attending the Zoom meeting.

  1. Correspondence

There is no correspondence to report this meeting.

  1. Approval of Minutes

As the minutes from the last meeting were not readily available, they were not reviewed at this virtual meeting.

  1. Reports Around the Room

Helena Myllyniemi: The accounts are in good shape.

No other reports were presented at the meeting.

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes
    1. There have been some people consistently using the range who are not members. Please ask people to display their membership cards, and if they are not members, they should be asked to leave the property.
    2. Indoor shooting is still on hold; we have credit with Saanich Commonwealth Place for future use. Indoor shooting will depend on the updates that the province receives with regards to COVID-19.
    3. BC Transit – if you see people involved with BC Transit on the range members are to be respectful and cooperate with those individuals. If you are required to stop shooting, while they complete some task, you must do so.
    4. Container Break-in: the RCMP have not located any of the missing items. Most notably the controls for the electronic timers were taken.
  1. New Business
    1. The President reminded everyone that the range is officially closed until we got the word from the BC Health Minister that practices may continue.
    2. BC Transit is to cover the cost of moving the storage containers, and bollards if necessary. The club is responsible for moving the fence.
    3. The board will look at the list of inventory and identify the things that should be kept and the things that may be divested.
    4. The President asked the board to become familiar with the inventory as there will be some decisions as to what is kept, he speculated that keeping 2 containers would be near impossible to store in the future and downsizing will have to happen.
    5. He is working on a timeline for moving. Some items have already been assigned to various locations for storage and disposal. The plan is to move a garbage container on the property on August 15th, at which time we will finish the move preparations. If there is another extension, which is doubtful, we will know by then.
  1. Disbursements for Approval

No disbursements were made at this meeting.

  1. Time and Place of Next Meeting

To be determined, as it depends on the development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. For the Good of the Association
  2. Adjournment

Meeting Adjourned by the President at 7:27 p.m.

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