Newsletter 14 September ’19
 Hello everyone,
I am sure many of you have seen or heard about the front page article in the Times Colonist this morning. I had been contacted by transit late Friday afternoon with basically the same information. I had intended to contact you all mid week next week once we had heard what will transpire at the View Royal council meeting this coming Tuesday (September 17th). The news paper article however, brings me to inform you now. It would appear that the Provincial government has decided that the handiDart facility is important enough for them to legislate the use of the property over the wishes of View Royal and their citizens.
All the necessary background and an explanation of the governments rationale can be found in the Council Report, which will be discussed at the upcoming council meeting. There isn’t too much I can add.
You will note that the timeline (other than completion by 2023) is not outlined and I hope to have some sort of a ‘drop dead’ date for when the club will have to move next week or for sure, by the Club AGM on September 24th.
I have already heard from the neighbourhood group who organized the last opposition to the facility and they are not happy and they have vowed to fight. I don’t want to speculate on what their chances might be, but right now they are our only hope. I urge you to review the entire 15 pages of the report, inform yourself and consider writing to Mitzi Dean, the local MLA, the premier John Horgan, your local MLA and any other MLA’s or officials you may consider that could help.
I will be in contact once I know more. I urge you to continue to support your club by renewing your membership for the next year, for sure we will continue to be Victoria’s archery club!
Al Wills, President,