Victoria Bowmen Archery Association

Meeting Minutes – Tuesday May 28, 2019

  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by the President at 7:33 pm

  • Attendance

Dave Ball, Jarrod Ball, Bruce Somers, Greg Cargill, Al Wills, Lisa Lange, Al Anderson, Larry Gagnon, Greg Birtwistle, Doug Linton, Vesa Myllyniemi, Sergy Bolutenko

Guests: Frank Perry, Ralph Clark

Regrets: Helena Myllyniemi, Kendra Savich

  • Chairman’s Opening Remarks

The President welcomed everyone for attending

  • Correspondence

Al Wills: emails exchanged with a provincial government representative reiterated that the land the range is on is still owned by the provincial government and will eventually go to BC Transit. No timeline is known

  • Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the April 16, 2019 meeting were approved. M. Dave Ball, S. Bruce Somers. Carried

  • Reports around the room

Al: as above re: the range

Greg Birtwistle: Happy with the work that has been done on the bag course and from the work party

Larry: 159 members. Paypal issues re: BC Championships/memberships to be resolved – to consider making changes how we do banking.

Vesa for Helena: Helena went to the bank re: how we do our banking. Was advised not to make changes.  Treasurers report read by the President Al Anderson: all accounts good, profits made from the BC Indoors Championships

Sergey: tournaments going as scheduled – low participation.  Acknowledged with gratitude that Al Wills has been regularly judging our 900/720 tournaments, but that it isn’t right to be relying on the same judge all the time. Suggestion: when scheduling tournaments for the year, create simultaneous schedule of judges for each tournament.  Will send out a tournament schedule to all judges – Al Wills, Mary Wills, Jarrod Ball, Dave Ball, Helena Myllyniemi. Greg Cargill voiced that he and other UVIC archers with the club would like to take a judging course.  Al to contact Sonia Schina/BCAA re: judge course

Greg Cargill: advised that Solly Lazar is no longer with JOP and that he has been running JOP up to present.  Greg is out of town for the summer, many kids mentioned they will be away for the summer = JOP to shut down for the summer. Parents of kids still wishing for JOP have expressed interest in wishing to still bring their kids to shoot – okay as long as they stay with kids and have own equipment. Greg will continue JOP upon his return. JOP to end June 16 and start up again September 8.

Dave Ball: Monday Night Drop-in through SCP closed for now – to possibly resume in the fall, per SCP scheduling

Jarrod Ball: Current session of adult classes with SCP almost over – next session to start June 10. Outdoor classes full.  Indicated that the indoor butts at the SCP gym are not usable – Al recommended to get butts from the range (all were repaired at work party)

Bruce Somers: serviced lawn tractor – in good shape. Needed new battery purchased – rebuilt machine.

  • Business Arising from the Minutes

Report from the BC Indoors distributed by Al Wills. The club made money – tournament a success all around

  • New Business

Dave Ball: SCP Monday Night Drop-in – SCP okay to continue, wants to know if club still wants to continue. Dave ok – club okayed – Dave will advise SCP

Al Wills:  time to update bylaws – was updated 3 years ago. All agreed to leave as is – to revisit in the fall. 

Al Wills: Maintenance compensation: acknowledged all the work done by Jim Birtwistle on the range all these years.  Proposed a $50/month honorarium to Jim Birtwistle for the time frame April to September, inclusive, for all work done (lawn mowing/maintenance, constant butt repair, field course maintenance, etc).  M. Al wills S. Dave Ball. All agreed

Received proposal for a 3D tournament w/animals that are in the shed. No interest from anyone to coordinate.

Greg Birtwistle: proposed that when the club has a need to haul away debris (old butts, various broken range material, etc) from the range to the landfill, that we contact Island Junk Solutions to give them business and in payment we put a write-up on the website/newsletter about the company. All agreed. Greg to coordinate with webmistress re: promo

Greg Birtwistle: confirmed who is signing authority on cheques: Greg, Bruce, Jarrod, Helena

Al Wills: membership cards on the range. Reminded all that everyone is responsible for querying archers on the range for their cards to be on display on quivers etc.  

  • Old timer lights – trying to sell. Waiting for Cowichan Bowmen to get back to us re: buying (the hope to have monies received from the lights to be put towards JOP). Greg Cargill to contact UVIC re: purchasing. If none of those avenues work, Sonia/BCAA to advertise. Al Wills to follow up.

AGM Prep: Al will post list of paid positions in the club in prep for the AGM in September. Greg Cargill re-confirmed staying on with JOP. Lisa Lange to step down from secretary/equity director in September.

Greg Cargill: proposed for future meeting to discuss the dynamics of having two JOP coaches

Sergey Bolutenko: Permanent butts the range: Jim Birtwistle doing a great job – donnacanna end of life – no more supplies? What to do? All agreed that when a butt is no longer usable to put a round butt in the stand and leave it there for the duration of the summer. Sergey will repair what he can with the donnacanna available.

  • Disbursements for approval

Per Vesa since Helena is away – those needing reimbursements will be paid at a later date

  1. Time and Place of next meeting

No meeting in June, no meeting in July.  Next meeting Tuesday August 20th, 7:30pm for AGM prepAGM meeting Tuesday September 24, 7:30. Pacific Dogwood Room at SCP booked for both.

  1. For the Good of the Association

Members gave positive statements from the club

  1. Adjournment

Meeting Adjourned at 8:50 pm