Meeting Minutes – Tuesday April 16, 2019

Minutes of the Victoria Bowmen Archery Association Meeting

Tuesday April 16, 2019
Douglas Fir Room, Saanich Commonwealth Place Recreation Centre 

  1. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by the President at 7:30pm

2. Attendance

Al Anderson, Al Wills, Helena Myllyniemi, Greg Cargill, Lisa Lange, Mary Wills, Vesa Myllyniemi, Dave Ball, Kendra Savich, Bruce Somers, Sergey Bolutenko

Regrets: Larry Gagnon, Solly Lazar, Ellen Van der Hoek, Greg Birtwistle, Jarrod Ball
Guests: Richard Lange 

3.Chairman’s Opening Remarks

The President thanked everyone for attending.

4. Correspondence

Al Wills – to discuss during reports around the room

5.Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting from March 5, 2109 were approved. M.  Al Wills S. Dave Ball

6. Reports around the Room

Al Wills: the club received the medallion from Archery Canada for our donation to the Book of Remembrance honouring Mike Hughes.  Al will contact Mike’s family to present it to them. Pins and decals for the 2019 BC Indoor Championships are in and for sale.
Helena: the Whitetail butts arrived – $13,000.  Paypal reports need to be broken down – to maybe connect with Larry – membership vs. Indoor championships.  Current sessions of classes to end in June, then moving to outdoors. Bows need to be transported to the range. More schools are contacting her for clasess.
Greg Cargill:  JOP Indoor Championships was a great success. Members medalled, and Meghan Webster set a record.  180 participants across BC.  Medallists to be listed in the newsletter.  JOP is still going strong – to move to outdoor range in 2 weeks.
Lisa: no report
Larry: (sent his regrets and report read by Lisa) – There are currently 147 members. This is a lower number than the same time last year and new members are joining at the rate of about 4-5 per month. We may be currently at about our lowest rate of membership over the past 3-4 years but I do not have complete data to confirm this.
Vesa: no report
Dave Ball: Monday night drop-in going well with 11 – 25 participants every week.  Discussion re: drop-in over Summer.  May 6th is the last indoor drop-in, to resume start of October – Dave will discuss with SCP. (Kendra to update website, Lisa to put in newsletter).
Kendra:  email received re: wallet found.  Will contact Larry re: member contact info.  Received queries for BC Indoors shirt sizes.  Renewed website hosting for another few years – invoice to Helena.  Busy keeping website calendar updated – invited everyone to please submit updates to her.  BC Indoors – 137 registrations, 38 in the money shoot.  Spam problems with emails – being addressed.
Sergey: 900/720 tournaments are all registered to November 2nd.

7. Business Arising from the Minute

Al Wills: BC Indoors plans going well.  Thursday 3pm – meet at the range to start moving butts, etc. Tables and chairs being delivered.  Online registration is closed – registrations accepted at the door.  Timers all set – BCAA to bring lights and more timers on Friday.  Volunteer email going out on Wednesday.  Friday setup: 8:30 – 9:00 am.

8. New Business

Al Wills: range toilets – won’t pump until we call them.  If someone sees one full, contact Al to arrange, and lock and unlock other one, vice versa.
Butt repair work party – Jimmy Birtwistle has been working hard on repairing the 18m butt at the range, and planning on more work on the other butts.  Work party planned for Saturday, May 11 (which is Archery Day in Canada) – 10am – butts, general range work. Lisa to put in newsletter.
Sergey: 900/720 tournament Saturday May 4th – Sergey to email Al later – available to judge? Lisa to put in newsletter.

9. Disbursements for Approval

Helena – Greg Cargill – JOP; Kendra Savich – website; Dave Ball – drop-in.
M. Al Wills, S. Bruce Somers

10. Time and Place of Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 28, 7:30pm. Helena to book room.

11. For the Good of the Association

Members gave positive statements from the club

12. Adjournment

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05 pm