May 2019 Newsletter of the Victoria Bowmen Archery Association

Spring is here and the range is open (as always!).  Indoor club shoots are now over and will resume in October (stay tuned). Be sure to read below about what has been happening with the club – and about what is yet to come!

Saturday May 11th  – 10am – Work Party at the Range

Saturday May 11th is Archery Day in Canada, which makes it a perfect day to have a work party at the range to prep for summer. Jimmy has been busy repairing some of the butts there – thank you Jimmy! – but much more work needs to be done so please come out and give a hand to keep our range up and going!

2019 JOP Indoor Championships on April 7, 2019 a Success!

Congratulations to all of our JOP members who attended the JOP indoor championships on April 7th. Every single one of our participants shot excellently and finished on the podium.

Marten Stone                    214 – 1st place   Barebow/Junior Bowman/Pre-cub/Male

Meagan Webster             469 – 1st place   Recurve/Junior Bowman/Cadet/Female

McCarthy Russell              385 – 1st place   Barebow/Junior Archer/Pre-Cub/Male

Claire Halliwell                 458 – 1st place   Recurve/Master Archer/Junior/Female

Nolan Curtis                       427 – 1st place   Recurve/Expert Bowman/Cadet/Male

Bailey Drinkwalter           443 – 1st place   Recurve/Champion Bowmen/Cadet/Female

Mark Shields                      438 – 1st place    Barebow/Champion Archer/Junior/Male

Matthew Lange                 486 – 3rd place   Recurve/Olympian 265-280/Junior/Male

An extra congratulations to Meagan Webster who set a new BCAA record for her division with her score during the championships

Fantastic shooting everyone!

Monday night Drop-In shooting at Saanich Commonwealth Place – last night May 6

The Monday night drop-in shooting nights through Saanich Commonwealth Place will end with the last night on Monday May 6th. The program will start up again through Saanich Commonwealth Place in October – watch their program guide for start-up dates.

2019 BC Indoor Championships Easter long weekend a Success!

The 2019 BC Indoor Championships hosted by our club on the Easter long weekend was a great success! A huge thank you to all who came and helped out – before, during and after the tournament.  Events like that can only happen with everyone pitching in – it was a tremendous effort! Thank you especially to Brad Barclay for learning and then spending countless hours getting the i@nseo scoring system working for us!!

Congratulations to all Victoria Bowmen Members who participated in the 2019 BC Indoor Championships! 

Congratulations to the following medalists!

Sophie Woodcock – Recurve Cadet Women – Bronze

Greg Fong – Recurve Senior Men – Gold

Solly Lazar – Recurve Senior Men – Bronze

Liana Tupper – Recurve Senior Women – Silver

Lisa Lange – Recurve Senior Women – Bronze

Michael Xie – Recurve Pre-Cub Men – Silver

Jacob Ball – Recurve Cub Men – Gold

Mark Shields – Barebow Junior Men – Gold

Doug Linton – Barebow Master Men 70 – Silver

Frank Perry – Barebow Master Men 70 – Bronze

Jay Shukin – Compound Fixed Pins – Master Men 50 – Gold

Greg Birtwistle – Compound Fixed Pins – Master Men 60 – Silver

Billy Sanderson – Longbow Men – Gold

Jim Birtwistle – Longbow Master Men 70 – Silver

Archers Anonymous – Saturdays at the Range 11am – 1pm(ish)

Haven’t shot for a while? A bit rusty after classes? Is that bow sitting in your closet collecting dust and you need a little help getting it going? Or if you are simply an archery addict and just can’t stay away, join Sergey and the crew at the range on Saturdays from 11 – 1pm for a bit of archery therapy.  If there is a tournament, you are welcome to shoot after 12:30.

900/720 tournament  – Outdoors at the Range – SATURDAY May 4, 2019

***PLEASE NOTE IT’S on SATURDAY not the usual SUNDAY***

Set up for the shoot starts at 9:00 am – all club member shooters help set up.
Practice starts at 9:30am    Scoring begins at 10:30am. (maximum 45 minutes for practice)
There is a 10-15 minute break between distances.

Members are asked to put away their butts etc if they leave early and those who shoot the events are asked to help with take down when the shoot is complete.

To register or for more information contact Sergey, Tournament Director,  Fees are $10 for Victoria Bowmen club members – free for first-time tournament attendees – $20 for guest competitors.

***Please see website for 900/720 tournament information***

There will be a hot dog barbeque (with chips and pop) for participants only (included in your fee)

********Archers Anonymous will still happen after the morning 900 tournament session – approx 12:30pm

Mark your calendars for upcoming 900/720 Outdoor Tournaments for 2019:

May 4

June 1

July 6

August 17

September 7

October 5

November 2

Next Club Meeting

The next club meeting will be held Tuesday May 28, 2019 at 7:30pm at Saanich Commonwealth Place in the Pacific Dogwood Room. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.