November 2018 Newsletter

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Victoria Bowmen Association November 2018 Newsletter

Fall is in full swing, and indoor season is officially upon on us! There is lots going on – and lots of changes – so please read everything!

Saturday November 3, 2018 – 900/720 tournament


  • Set up for the shoot starts at 9:00 am – all club member shooters help set up.
  • Practice starts at 9:30am.
  • Scoring begins at 10:30am. (maximum 45 minutes for practice)
  • There is a 10-15 minute break between distances.
  • Members are asked to put away their butts etc if they leave early and those who shoot the events are asked to help with take down when the shoot is complete.

To register or for more information contact

Sergey, Tournament Director 

Fees are $10 for Victoria Bowmen club members – free for first time tournament attendees, $20 for guest competitors.

There will be a hot dog barbeque (with chips and pop) for participants only (included in your fee)

For the Canadian 900s there are two distance options:

  • The standard 900 distances of 55, 45 and 35 M (30 arrows at each distance)
  • The 900 training distances of 35, 30, and 25 M (30 arrows at each distance)

For the 720, 12 ends of 6 arrows each. 60m distance for masters, 70m distance for seniors. Morning and afternoon session options

For more information on tournaments visit


As indicated in the minutes posted on the website and distributed to members, tournament fees for 900/720’s are now $10 a person. An archer’s first time participation is free.

Indoor shoots – Thursdays and Sundays

Don’t forget that indoor clubs shoots are in the gym at Saanich Commonwealth Place on Thursday’s from 7:45 to 9:30 and Sundays from 1:00 – 3:00. All members are asked to help set up and clean-up.

JOP is Sundays from 12:00 – 1:30. There is an overlap between JOP and club shoot ending/beginning times – JOP members are always welcome to shoot at the club shoot. Members are welcome to shoot during JOP time after 1:00pm, with the understanding that JOP members are still training and scoring of various activities. Members are asked to shoot at the end of the gym closest to the main doors to allow JOP members to finish.

Indoor range rules:

  1. Whistle rules (always ensure someone is designated to the whistle):
    • 2 short whistles – Archers to the line
    • 1 short whistle – Begin Shooting
    • 3 short whistles – Retrieve arrows
    • 4 or more whistles – EMERGENCY – All stop shooting.
  2. Check your equipment before shooting.
  3. Do not nock your arrow until everyone is on or behind the shooting line and 1 short whistle is blown.
  4. Shoot only at distances where you are likely to hit the butt. Move the butt closer if necessary.
  5. Never draw above the top of your butt.
  6. Shoot 3 arrows, more allowed if you don’t delay others.
  7. Step back from the line when finished shooting.
  8. When pulling arrows, be careful of those behind you.
  9. Youth under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  10. Please help set up, take down, and clean up.
  11. Ensure container is locked if you are last to leave.


There will be no JOP or Club Indoor Shoots on Sunday November 11 (Remembrance Day), and Sunday November 18th (the gym is being used for a craft fair)

BC Indoor Championships

Mark your calendars! The 2019 BC Indoor Championships is the Easter Long weekend – April 20, 21, 2019.  Stay tuned for more details – and get practicing!

Archers Anonymous – Saturdays at the Range

11-1pm – even if there are showers in the forecast 🙂

Are you addicted to archery and looking for folks to regularly shoot with? Or maybe you are wanting to get back into it, but are a bit rusty and need a bit of advice and fine-tuning.

No matter what your level, be sure to come out and join Sergey and the Saturday crew at the range every Saturday from 11am-1pm(ish) for a laid-back, informal practice. Fellowship and archery tips are always available. We’ll be meeting right through the winter, unless there are heavy rains or high winds, so be sure to bring your boots and bundle up with lots of layers! Bring a snack and a coffee along with your need to feed your archery addiction.  No registration needed – just come and shoot for the fun of it!

Meeting Minutes of October 23, 2018 and upcoming meeting

The meeting minutes of the October 23, 2018 meeting are posted on the website and have been distributed via email. Please be sure to read them.

Next meeting is Tuesday November 20, 2018, 7pm, at Saanich Commonwealth Place. Room to be determined. All members are encouraged to attend.

Shooting Guests:

Members should be aware that our range License and insurance strictly requires that ALL members on the range at anytime be members and therefore, covered by insurance. Our policy allows for guests to try archery on a one time basis, in order to enforce this, there is a book inside the containers at both the indoor and outdoor range. So, if you are treating anyone to an introductory lesson or experience, please be sure to add their name to the book, if you are not able to access the booklet, please send an email to our Secretary at

Toilets at the Range

The toilets at the range are now pumped as required, but if you find the toilet(s) require pumping, please contact Al Wills @

Update on the Range

As you know, our licensed use of the range was due to end December 31st, 2018. We have been in touch with BC Transit and they have agreed to ‘lift’ that date, however, we do not have an new expiration date. We will communicate it as soon as we know.

Please see ‘latest news’ posted on October 24, 2018 on our website at

Thank you for reading! See you on shooting line!