October 23 2018 Meeting Minutes

Stock photo of the Olympic House board room in Hong Kong.

October 2018 Meeting Minutes

BOD Meeting Minutes October 23, 2018

Victoria Bowmen Archery Association

  1. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by the President in the Douglas Fir room of Saanich Commonwealth Place on Tuesday October 23, 2018 at 7:32 pm.

  1. In Attendance

Al Anderson, Al Wills, Bruce Somers, Sergey Bolutenko, Helena Myllyniemi, Larry Gagnon, Kendra Savich, Solly Lazar, Dougl Linton, Vesa Myllyniemi, Ralph Clark, Andrew Reeve, Hans Vollert, Lisa Lange, Greg Birtwistle, Ellen Van der Hoek.

  1. Chairman’s opening remarks

The president welcomed all to his first meeting he was chairing as president, and informal introductions were made. The president then made a call for any conflicts of interest – none.

  1. Correspondence

Al Wills indicated that documents required by the Society Act have been registered and filed.

Two letters from Mayor David Screech of View Royal regarding transit indicating our exit date from the range January 1, 2019.  He indicated he will be contacting transit about our tenancy.

  1. Approval of minutes of last meeting

To approve the minutes of the meeting of July 31, 2018 as posted on the website and distributed to members.  M: by Al Wills, 2nded: Bruce Somers. Carried.

  1. Reports

Ellen: none

Greg Birtwistle: Investigating the environmental impact of the cat/excavator having been on site.

Lisa: none

Vesa: none

Solly: JOP indoors has been busy so far – 10 – 12 kids each Sunday.

Kendra: Email management update – respective board member emails in relation to club email addresses. BC Indoors – working on paypal issues learned from last year. Needs higher permission to access paypal in order to make changes/modifications behind the scenes (Al will grant).  Website has been M to a new server. Received email from members wishing we had a section on the site to buy/sell equipment.  All agreed good idea – Kendra will investigate options.

Larry: 197 members – 7 more than last month. Prospective members have been asking about future of the range. Larry drafted a letter that will be included in the ‘please renew’ emails that will go out to members in December and as well this info will go up on the website.  Brochures on the website have been updated.  Larry and Al Wills have been looking at amalgamating the club’s membership cards with archery Canada membership cards in order to streamline. Still under investigation.

Helena: bank account looks great. Wednesday afternoon classes at the range with Brookes School from Shawnigan Lake end soon – Ellen has been assisting.  Thursday and Friday night classes at Saanich Rec center have been busy and going well. Still continuing with week arrow repair for the club.

Sergey: tournaments – one final 900/720 set for November 3, 10am.  To still plan tournament schedule for 2019 despite future of range. Trying 900/720s on Saturdays and a new start time of 10:30 to see if it increases participation. Schedule drafted – to post soon.  Indoor regionals is set for March 3. BC Indoors April 19, 20, 21, 2019.   Archer’s Anonymous on Saturday mornings at the range 11-1pm – through winter – has been started to foster more involvement, competitive spirit, camaraderie.  Everyone welcome.

Bruce: none

Al Wills: indoor grant has been received for the BC Indoor Championships. Arena is booked (will have coffee shops open this time).

  1. Business arising from minutes

Tournament fees: discussion regarding increasing tournament fees – currently $5. Pros and cons discussed in relation to the cost of a monthly tournament.  Bruce motioned: increase to $10 but is free for a members’ first time participation.  All in favour. Carried

Strategy to replace worn butts: discussion regarding the state of current butts, what is needed, costs.  New butts are needed both for regular indoor practices as well as for upcoming BC Indoor championships. Vesa indicated ‘Whitetail’ butts meet our needs the best. Motion by Al Wills: Order up to 20 butts, $20,000 to spend on butts. M: Al Wills, 2nd: Greg Birtwistle. Carried.

  1. New Business

Safety and etiquette of new members and how to enforce. Discussions ensued resulting in Sergey volunteering to coordinate with Larry in receiving new members’ cards and meeting with them at the range and indoors. Larry indicated that the new member email states to attend safety orientation before card received.

Lisa: Contact list of executive – comprised of and only for the executive –  Larry to create.

Al Wills: BC Indoors April 19, 20, 21, 2019– set-up strategies. Paypal to get sorted out – Kendra assist, Helena is treasurer. Need people to man booths.

Al Wills: RFP for positions within the club – discussions regarding setting up a process for filling positions within the club in the spirit of transparency and fair opportunity for all.  Concept – In October a list of the positions within the club will be posted and then members will be able to submit a resume and application for various positions. A committee will then review resumes/applications and award them so the successful candidate could begin their duties on January 1st.  To be further discussed and reviewed during Business Arising at the November meeting

Solly: Proposal for our club to host JOP indoor and outdoor championships in the coming year.  The club supports this and Solly will contact BCAA for more information. M: Solly Lazar, 2nd: Kendra Savich.

Solly: JOP used to be 1 ½ hours, now cut down to one hour, but upon seeing the need for more time to accommodate JOP activities (ie. Presently the kids are doing mailmatch), there is a need for that extra ½ hour before regular club shoot starts.  Members are permitted to shoot during JOP from 1pm onward at the far end of the gym (near the door), but with the understanding and consideration of the kids finishing their scoring or other training.

Al Wills: Harvey Harte Memorial – Harvey Harte was a long time member who passed away this summer.  Proposal by Al Wills that the club buys his metal detector and butt (per the family – items are already in the shed) for $50 and the money goes into the Archery Canada Foundation. Harvey Harte and his noted contributions and accomplishments go into the memorial book with Archery Canada. M: Bruce Somers, 2nd: Greg Birtwistle.

Al Wills: Money was found in an envelope at the range back in the spring. Extensive work was done by Al Wills and Helena Myllyniemi to find the owner without success. Money has been donated to the club with the understanding that it would be returned should the owner be found.

Sergey: Proposal for the club to pay for a hot dog bbq at the 900/720 tournaments – to foster community and fun within the club at the tournament.  Asking for $25. M: Al Wills, 2nd: Bruce Somers

Sergey: Proposal for the shooting line at the range to be paved – specifically big bricks for correct target/archer positioning.  All agreed. Sergey will investigate contractors and prices. Bruce advised he will contact a colleague of his at a construction site regarding large roll-out rubber mats to consider using instead. Greg Birtwistle to investigate gravel. Sergey, Bruce and Greg to report back.

Bruce: Motion – every president that steps down from the position should receive a one-time only token of recognition (ie. even if it’s a certificate).  All in favour.

  1. Disbursements for Approval

Helena: Solly Lazar for JOP.  M: Bruce Somers, 2nd: Sergey Bolutenko. All in favour.

  1. Time and Place of Next Meeting: Tuesday November 20, 2018 at 7pm at Saanich Commonwealth Place. Helena to book room.


  1. For the Good of the Association

Members gave positive statements on the club.

  1. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 9:32 pm