August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter – Victoria Bowmen Archery Association

Here is the newsletter for August. There are lots of updates and information, so please be sure to read it all!

Annual General Meeting on Tuesday September 18, 2018, 7pm

NOTE: There is no August meeting.

The next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday September 18, 2018, 7pm at Saanich Commonwealth Place (room to be determined).  All members are welcome to attend the meeting, and contributions to the club by way of volunteering to sit on the Board and assist as required is greatly needed.

If you want to contribute by maintaining the range (weeding/mowing etc), please contact our range director, Greg Birtwistle.

The positions in need of a volunteer are indicated as open. Position descriptions are found on our website in the Club Constitution and Bylaws Section of the website. The future of the club depends on volunteers.

President – open

Vice President – Al Wills

Secretary – open

Treasurer – Helena Myllyniemi

JOP – Solly and Greg (tbd)

JOP Representative – open

Membership – Larry Gagnon

Equipment Director – Vesa Myllyniemi

New Archer Liaison – open (keen member to be approached)

Social Director – open (keen member to be approached)

Tournament Director – Billy (to confirm)

Range Director – Greg Birtwistle

Equity – Kendra Savich and Lisa Lange

Webmaster and PR Director – Kendra Savich

Director-at-Large – Bruce Somers

Environmental Steward – open (keen member to be approached)


18M Butt Location at the Outdoor Range

The 18M butt has been moved to a safer location.

Members are reminded to always be cautious and try and coordinate arrow collection always do not shoot while other archers are collecting arrows.

If you are not consistently putting all your arrows on the target – shoot closer!

When shooting at close distances, do not shoot at the butt centre, please help conserve the butts!


Outdoor Club Shoot Changed

This is a general notice to inform members that Thursday night club shoots at the outdoor range have been moved to Wednesday night at 6:30pm to avoid conflict with evening lessons.

Members are still welcome to use the range at any time during daylight hours, but we would like to remind members that instructors giving lessons take precedence. If you arrive at the range while a lesson is taking place, please respect any requests from the instructor, observe proper safety precautions, and coordinate arrow retrieval.

Thank you, and enjoy our beautiful summer weather!



The next 900/720 tournament is scheduled for Sunday, August 19, 2018.  Jarrod Ball has kindly offered to be the judge. Thank you Jarrod!

8:30 am  – set-up

9:00 – 9:45 am practice

10:00 am – scoring

Archers have a few options of tournament level:

  • The 900 training distances of 35, 30, and 25 M (30 arrows at each distance)
  • The standard 900 distances of 55, 45 and 35 M (30 arrows at each distance)
  • The 720 distance of either 70m for senior recurve, or 60m for master recurve
  • Compound – 50m

***Note: tournaments are always dependent on the availability of judges and volunteers for set up.

All competitors are welcome. For further information on rounds, categories, and distances for each age group, refer to Chapter 4 of the Archery Canada Rulebook or visit our pages on archer categories and tournament scoring.

 Please also see our website for more information:

To register please contact tournament director Billy Sanderson at  $5 for Victoria Bowmen club members. $20 for guests.