BOD Meeting Minutes June 27 2018 Meeting

Stock photo of the Olympic House board room in Hong Kong.

BOD Meeting Minutes: Wednesday June 27, 2018

  1. Call to Order

Meeting was called to order by the President in the Arbutus room of Saanich Commonwealth Place at 7:10pm.

  1. In Attendance

Jarrod Ball, Dave Ball, Larry Gagnon, Lisa Lange, Helena Myllyniemi, Solly Lazar, Kendra Savich, Greg Birtwistle

Guests: Andrew Reeve, Dina Reeve, Levi Reeve

Regrets: Vesa Myllyniemi, Billy Sanderson, Al Wills, Greg Cargill, Ellen Van der Hoek

  1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

 The President thanked everyone for their attendance. June has been quiet, so not much to comment on.

  1. Correspondence

Per Jarrod in Al’s absence, a report presented as below.

Jarrod received email from Rowan Dumont who is working on the BC Senior Summer Games 55+ and the proposed years of 2020, 2021 or 2022 dates. Looking for support from the club.  Discussion had re: our involvement – no promises of volunteers or funding from us – just a general ‘we support in principle’ letter will be sent to Rowan. Moved: Solly Lazar, Second: Greg Birtwistle

  1. Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of May 30, 2018, as posted on the website and distributed to members, was approved.  Moved: Kendra Savich, Second: Dave Ball

  1. Reports

Al (via Jarrod): range– transit was denied the rezoning of the land by View Royal. Shared Services indicates they are still actively trying to sell the land; we must be proactive now regarding strategies for the club/future/land.  Al is in contact with Mitzi Dean (local MLA) re: what can be done.

Helena and Al participated in an Open House sponsored by Saanich Recreation on June 14 – was mostly an ‘information gathering’ session where they were looking for feedback from the public and user groups. This then lead to a telephone interview between Al and one of their consultants re: fostering future involvement in sport with Saanich.

Tournaments: July 15 – Dave Ball wanting to shadow, to talk to Al if he can judge; August 19 – Jarrod to judge. (no judges planned yet for the rest of the tournaments). General discussion re: training for IANSEO scoring, and what is involved re: access by Archery Canada.

Jarrod: JOP was successfully taken over by Solly and Greg

Dave: Monday night drop-in is over for now – to resume in September

Larry: memberships were low then increased as soon as the range relocation info was removed from the website etc.  Not sure if increased in memberships was due to the info being removed, or because of the June ‘deal’ that is offered.

Vesa had kindly made a beautiful bulletin board for the range for club info, etc, so Larry suggested to get general info – website, membership etc – printed and laminated and put inside the case for folks to take note of (potential members always come to the range to find out info). Kendra to make and put in QR code (for cell phones).  Mailbox needs flyers.

Billy: no report (via Lisa)

Lisa: none

Helena: Vesa sends his regrets for absence – away b/c of work.  The bulletin board is finished and now hung at the range.  Vesa researched pricing on centres for butts – to report at the next meeting.

Summer camps and birthday parties are now actively happening at the range – a calendar has been posted in the bulletin board. Some days have 2 birthday parties a day!  Helena gave the financial report; BC Indoor Championship finances are still being finalized. A bill for shirts from the championships from May was only just received and will be paid accordingly.

Helena discussed her fall classes with Saanich. Days/hours to remain the same (Thursdays and Fridays), but the age requirements have changed: 8 – 12 years old for one class, 10 – 17 years old for another. Allows for crossover, growth and options for the kids.

Thursday night summer classes at the outdoor range: possible conflict with club shoots. Her class is from 6:30 – 8:30 (this involves set up time), club shoot is from 6:30 onward. Club shoot originally was on Wednesday nights, but was changed to Thursdays as trial run. Due to low numbers at the Thursday club shoot, club shoot will remain on Thursday nights for now, and members will be reminded that range rules dictate that when a class is being held requiring the closer butts, members can’t shoot on the closer butts but are welcome to shoot longer distances – eg 60 and 70m.

*discussion about highlighting the above-noted range rule ensued – a highlighted reminder will go out to members.

Solly: Solly and Greg have coached 3 JOP classes. The first day was on Father’s Day, so attendance was low (3 kids) but since then they have had 5 – 7 kids, one family having bought new gear with Helena’s assistance and Greg and Solly further assisted with equipment set-up for them.  Kendra will give Solly access for Mailchimp, Facebook, website calendar to foster communication. Jarrod indicated that Mary Ostermeier (JOP Chair for BC Archery) now has Solly and Greg listed as the JOP directors for Vic Bowmen.

Summer schedule for JOP – It was previously indicated that JOP will not continue in the summer, but due to recent increase in numbers/renewed involvement from past lapsed kids, JOP will continue through the summer for now.  Will be establishing better communication between parents and themselves via mailchimp/emails.  Will review Summer continuation as times goes on.

Kendra: updated FB messenger to direct interested parties to the club email address (as previously reported, FB messages were going unread/unresponded).  Making updates on the website re: spam and scammers.  Kendra will put Helena’s birthdays and summer classes on the calendar.

Greg Birtwistle: fixed two locks, sprayed, etc. Made spare keys. Frank Perry who has kindly made quite a few bags for the bag course (bag materials, paint, etc), is asking for reimbursement.  Moved: Greg Birtwistle, Second: Dave Ball.

7. Business Arising

 Range relocation was discussed via Al’s report as above.

JOP and Tuesday night classes at the range: Solly, Greg and Ellen.  All running smoothly, see above.

  1. New Business

Tournament score entering/IANSEO – Billy was unable to enter due to lack of computer at home – Jarrod has spare laptop he can loan Billy to do entering. IANSEO entering re: training, accessibility was discussed as above.

Larry proposed, for the good of the club and fostering ‘staying power’ on the land, we become ‘stewards of the land’ – publicly committing the club to the care and management of the environmental well-being of the land. This would hopefully go a long way towards showing the public that we are the best tenants for the land. Involve working with View Royal/posting a sign – Larry to investigate further and discuss with Al.

 Lisa: Open House on July 29. Thanked Greg for making a burner cover for the bbq – she will test out the bbq this weekend to make sure it works.  Flyer was distributed for input from those in attendance – thank you Larry for your input.  This flyer will ONLY be distributed to the immediate neighbouring houses that surround our range (not the coffee shop or mall).  A budget was presented and Lisa asked for up-front financial support from the club to purchase hot dogs, supplies, etc. Greg Birtwistle reiterated bbq gas to be included in budget. Moved: Solly Lazar, Second: Kendra Savich.

  1. Disbursements for Approval

Jarrod: Adult classes and JOP

Greg Birtwistle: Keys

Greg Cargill: JOP and Key

Solly: JOP

Helena: May and June classes

Frank Perry: bag course supplies

Lisa: Open house

Moved: Kendra Savich, Second: Dave Ball

  1. Time and Place of Next Meeting

Tuesday July 31, 2018, 7:00pm – Jarrod to book room. This meeting will comprise of planning for the upcoming AGM

  1. For the Good of the Association

Members gave positive statements on the club.

  1. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm