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BOD Meeting Minutes: Wednesday May 30, 2018

  1. Call to Order

 Meeting was called to order by the President in the Pacific Dogwood Room of Saanich Commonwealth Place at 7:04pm

  1. In Attendance

Kendra Savich, Jarrod Ball, Al Wills, Dave Ball, Lisa Lange, Helena Myllyniemi, Vesa Myllyniemi. Regrets: Billy Sanderson

Guests: Richard Lange, Greg Cargill, Ellen Vander Hoek, Solly Lazar, Doug Linton.

  1. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

The President thanked everyone for their attendance given the rescheduling of the previously set May 22 meeting.

  1. Correspondence

Al will report during new business.

  1. Approval of the Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of April 10, 2018, as posted on the website and distributed to members, was approved. Moved: Al Wills, Seconded: Kendra Savich

  1. Reports

Webmaster/Kendra: active work to streamline and clean-up certain areas of the website is ongoing. Been working on improving viewability for computers and iphones.  Facebook messages – who responds? Various unanswered messages are being left on Facebook – will put on an auto reply indicating to contact our general email inbox address.

Equipment – Vesa: none

Lessons and Treasurer/Helena:  been receiving numerous spam/scamming emails – Kendra to make changes to our email addresses on the website.  Saanich is changing how they conduct bookings, contracts etc – paperless. Need signatures from the exec for Saanich’s new system.  BC Indoor financial report – need better organization for next year – separate paypal account between memberships and tournament registration fees. There have been lots of birthday parties booked through Saanich which has equalled lots of income for the club.

Secretary – Lisa: none

Lessons and Monday Drop-in/Dave: Monday night drop in has slowed right down – 5 attendees last week, 6 the week before.  Saanich had wanted to extend to end of May – Dave to discuss with Adam/Saanich re: next year duration.

Range Relocation/Al: envelope found at the range with money inside – possibly from a birthday party at the range in March. Helena to backtrack to see which party it might have been at the range during that timeframe.

JOP/Jarrod: JOP turnout has been very low

  1. Business Arising

Range Relocation: Al reports he has been actively attending the View Royal Council meetings – nothing has been approved yet.  View Royal has just accepted the proposal from BC Transit regarding the use of the land the range is on. There has been a lot of push back from the community and Council has indicated they cannot support the proposal as presented.  – BC Transit has been invited to re-engage the residents and the township regarding the proposal. No timeline.  Suggest the club holds an bbq open house to engage members and the neighborhood and community as to what we do – door to door flyers, what we have spent/how we have developed the land, what we do overall.  July 29th date established: Lisa, Kendra, Solly, Ellen, Greg to organize. Al can attend.

Old clock timers (from previous minutes): To sell. Al and Jarrod to photograph old timers and list them on the BCAA Website  – $100 for small timer, $200 for large timer.

Calendar: updates/work by Kendra acknowledged.  Email notifications to be established re: JOP updates, tournaments, etc.  Entertaining the concept of Google/calendar invitations.

  1. New Business

JOP: Jarrod is stepping down from his duties – Greg Cargill and Solly Lazar will be taking over JOP – their choice whether to re-institute summer hours. Jarrod, Greg and Solly to meet regarding the program.  Kendra will get Greg and Solly’s email addresses for the JOP email inbox.

Lessons: Dave – Monday night drop-in – lack of participation: continue? Will approach Saanich. Saanich wants it extended through summer, Dave not available – to discuss with Saanich. Discussions to happen re: discounts for members to attend Monday nights.

Tuesday night summer lessons – Greg, Ellen and Solly will be taking over the summer Tuesday classes (as they had done so last summer) – Dave not available.  Dave to contact Greg Birtwistle to get keys for both sheds for Greg, Ellen and Solly.

900/720 Tournaments: judges? Planning ahead? Dave needs to judge a tournament with another already-certified judge in order to be certified (DOS, Inspection).  Solly asked re: updates about coaching/judging clinics – Jarrod waiting to hear from Darcy.  No judges coordinated for upcoming tournaments – Helena to look at her schedule if she can do the June 17th 900/720.

  1. Disbursements

Dave: JOP, Drop-in, Classes

Jarrod: JOP, Classes

Moved: Kendra Savich, Seconded: Vesa Myllyniemi

  1. Time and Place of Next Meeting

Wednesday June 27, 7pm – Jarrod to book room.

  1. For the Good of the Association

Members gave positive statements on the club.

  1. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.








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