April 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter – April 2018

Welcome to the April newsletter! Lots of important information, changes and updates so be sure to read on!

UPDATE – Range Relocation

Al reports that View Royal is not putting up any ‘Road Blocks’ to Transit moving onto the property in early 2019. Al had further meetings with the Transit team to see if they could somehow ‘shoe horn’ the range onto the property with their proposed footprint. They could not find a way, so that ship has sailed, which means we will need to move. Our searches for properties have not been fruitful to date:

  1. The property at Cuthbert Holmes Park will not be available as the plan for it is to incorporate it into the free walking trail system there.
  2. The old Police pistol range near the entrance to Thetis Lake Park is still restricted, however we have sent a formal letter to the chair of CRD Parks (also the mayor of View Royal), which we are awaiting an answer to.
  3. None of the properties in the Highlands/Prospect Lake area seem suitable due to their remote nature and amount of work that would be required.
  4. We are still awaiting a response from Saanich Recreation on the property adjacent to Commonwealth Place, however this property is too small for the footprint we require. We have also ruled out many others that have been suggested for multiple reasons.

We still have a couple of sites still to be explored. We will do our best to keep you all informed.

Found Item

Al has found an envelope at the range addressed to ‘Elizabeth S’, if you can identify it, Al will arrange for its return to you. Al’s email is

2018 BC Indoor Championships Wrap-up

Thank you members of Victoria Bowmen for your assistance in making this event one of the most successful in recent memory, certainly the largest in the past 10 years! The compliments were many and we are still receiving positive comments from participants. We are most appreciative to those of you who volunteered to assist, from those that were able to give almost full time, to those that could spare a few hours – ‘many hands make light work’ was certainly evident throughout the weekend!! So, mark your calendars we are doing it again next year (the bids are normally for 2 years), April 18 – 21, 2019 – we can make this event even better! Please watch for notices coming up later. If you have any suggestions comments or want to sign up early, please let Al know at

***There is an online feedback poll welcoming comments and thoughts about the BC Indoor Championships the club just hosted – the link is here, or you can cut and paste into your browser

Congratulations to all the athletes from Victoria Bowmen Archery Association who participated in the 2018 BC Indoor Championships!

The medalists are:

Liana Tupper – 1st Women Recurve

Lisa Lange – 2nd Women Recurve

Su-Bin Ahn – 2nd Junior Men Recurve

Aydin Todd – 3rd Cub Junior Men

Jacob Ball – 2nd Pre-Cub Men

Ken Cameron – 3rd Master Men Compound 70

Ellen Vander Hoek – 2nd Barebow Women

Barry Denluck – 2nd Compound Fixed Pins Master Men 60

Kara Tibbel – 1st Compound Unlimited Women

Jay Shukin – 2nd Men Compound Fixed Pins

Ralph Clark – 2nd Master Men 70 Longbow

Doug Linton – 1st Master Men 70 Recurve

New Targets at the Range

Big vote of thanks to the Birtwistle brothers, Greg and Jim, and Rick Ellis for their great work on the new ‘Block Targets’.

CHANGES to the JOP Summer Schedule

Due to the decline in numbers of previous summer JOP sessions, JOP will now only run from September to June – school session months. The last outdoor JOP session will be June 24th and will resume (with notice) when the indoor season starts again in the gym at Saanich Commonwealth Place in the fall.

Congratulations to Bailey Drinkwalter and Meagan Webster for participating in the 2018 JOP Indoor Championships in Duncan! Well done!

Tournaments 900/720’s

The next 900/720 will be Sunday April 22 with Al Wills as the judge. Set up at 8:30 – early help is needed and appreciated. $5 for members, $20 for guests.  Please register with Billy at

Next tentatively scheduled dates (based on Judge availability):

May 13            June 17            July 15             Aug 19            Sept 9            Oct 7

2018 Outdoor Mailmatch – June to September 30

The club will be hosting the outdoor mailmatch this year, which runs from June to September 30th which consists of World Archery 720 rounds. Individuals can submit up to 18 scores, one scoring round per calendar week. At the end of the competition only the top 6 scores will be used to calculate the average score for each archer.  More info can be found on the   Brad Barclay will be coordinating the tournament – stay tuned for more details.

CHANGES – Outdoor Club Shoot Schedule

We are now officially in outdoor season! The range is available to members from dawn till dusk 7 days a week, but to foster a little ‘social,’ club shoots are twice a week.

Changes – what used to be Wednesday evening outdoor club shoots at 6:30 is now on THURSDAYS.  The thought is that since everyone likely has already set aside Thursday nights for archery (when indoors), that maybe we’ll see more folks out at the range at the same time on Thursdays instead of the traditional Wednesdays.

Sunday club shoots are still from 12:30 – 2:30.

JOP is from 2:30 – 4:30 (only until June – JOP to restart in September indoors (tba))

When you unlock the gate and leave the lock at the gate while you shoot, please LOCK THE LOCK either on a loop o the gate or on another lock at the gate otherwise it will get stolen.

Victoria Bowmen Next General Meeting is Tuesday May 22, 2108, 7pm at Saanich Commonwealth Place – room to be determined. The Club’s Board of Directors meets every month usually at Saanich Commonwealth Place. All members are welcome to attend.


Coming Up: BC Indoor Championships, April 19-21