Annual General Meeting Minutes: September 2017


1. Call To Order

Meeting was held at in the Douglas Fir room of the Saanich Commonwealth Centre. Victoria, BC. Called to order by the president at 7:03 PM.

2. In Attendance

Al Wills, Jarrod Ball, Kendra Savich, Mary Wills, Dave Ball, Hugh Williams, Lisa Lange, Rick Ellis, Billy Sanderson, Vesa Myllyniemi, Davey Linton, Helena Myllyniemi, John Cargnelli, Brad Barclay, Brenden Hodgson

  • Regrets: Larry Gagnon

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Welcomes everyone, remarks that it should be a short agenda. There was a moment of silence for those archers who have passed on this past year.

4. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

The minutes of the 2016 AGM have been on the website for members to read.

To accept the minutes of the 2016 AGM moved by Mary, 2nd by Vesa. Carried.

5. Reports

  • President – Report provided.
  • Vice President – Verbal: BC Transit will out around the range next week, members welcome to say hello. Optimistic that for a 5-10 year window they won’t need the property that the club is on as they start with a garage. Will continue to engage View Royal council.
    • Some issues with non-members on the range; a contact number has been posted on the range for members to call if anyone is seen.
  • Secretary – No report.
  • Treasurer – Report provided.
  • Membership Director – Report provided.
  • Tournament Director – Verbal: Booked 10 tournaments this year, only ran 8 because two were cancelled due to weather; we have credit with Archery Canada for them. Generally good turnout. Roughly the same participation from archers on the mainland and up-island. We ran a 55+ Games qualifier, practice distances, etc. in a broad range of archers and interests.
    • No large indoor tournaments hosted this year, but next year will be a big one for us. Thanked members who turn up early and help arrange the butts and set up the field. Also thanked the judges for enabling the tournaments to be run in the first place.
    • The current butt structure on the field is serving very well for practicing for all members. We have wider Donacona at 70, 55, 35; two block ranges at 50; old Bulldog butt at 25; and a new butt at 18. Next year will need some discussion on which butts to continue with.
    • Indoor mail match shot between January and April with good turnout; over 20 participated with 19 qualifying. Member response was that it was well-run. Medal ceremony planned for October 25.
  • Range Director – Text in: Happy to let his name stand for 2018.
  • Equipment Director – Verbal: Apologized for being too busy to participate in the club as much as he’d like. Club has 16 brand new bows, slowly selling off more of the old ones. Continuing to make strings for bows, foam applied to indoor range doors for protection, work on butts continuing.
  • Public Relations – N/A
  • Junior Director – No report.
  • Webmaster – Over 7000 visitors to the club website in the past year, doing well. A few changes have been made to the navigation etc. to make items easier to find; members were all encouraged to submit any suggestions or complaints to the club’s webmaster email on the list of Board of Directors. Plans in place to further improve the online payment system and welcome emails for new members.
  • Drop-in Archery, Lessons – Now doing drop-in again, summer classes went very well, getting plenty of requests coming in through the websites. Up to about 16 in the second week.
  • Equity Director – No report.
  • Standing Committees – Orientation Program: Helena, Lisa, and Rick. Had very good attendance so far, will continue them indoors once a month from 2-3 on Sundays before indoor shoot, and continue to invite new members. Anyone with a question about any aspect of archery is encouraged to drop by.

6. Business Arising

  • None.

7. New Business

  • None.

8. Election Of Officers

President Jarrod Ball took the chair to present the nominating committee’s recommendations for the 2017/18 slate of officers.

The following were elected by position and will form the Executive Committee:

  • President – Jarrod Ball
  • Vice-President – Al Wills
  • Secretary – Lisa Lange
  • Treasurer – Helena Myllyniemi

The following we elected to the Board of Directors:

  • JOP Director – Jarrod Ball
  • Tournament Director – Billy Sanderson
  • Membership Director – Larry Gagnon
  • PR director – unfilled
  • Equipment – Vesa Myllyniemi
  • New Archer Director – Brenden Hodgson
  • Junior Director – unfilled
  • Social Director – unfilled
  • Webmaster – Kendra Savich
  • Equity Director – Lisa Lange and Kendra Savich
  • Lessons Director – Dave Ball
  • Range Director – Greg Birtwistle
  • Director at Large – Bruce Somers

9. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

October 24 2017, 7pm Saanich Commonwealth Place.

10. Good & Welfare

Members present gave their thoughts and suggestions.

  • Recommendation to put up a sign requesting that members set their targets off-center when shooting close distances.
  • Request for some field targets or a flat field course.

11. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.


President’s Report

It has been my great privilege to run as president for the Victoria Bowmen Archery Association for another year. Our 2016-2017 year has been amazing. We have had a solid year in terms of memberships and participation. Our tournament series has been well received and continues to show growth. Although no permanent solution has come forward in regards to a home for Victoria Bowmen, we see an optimistic compromise with BC Transit utilizing a portion of the land to install a repair depot.

Our next year promises to be a busy year. Victoria Bowmen has been awarded host for the 2018 and 2019 BC Indoor Archery Championships. This is going to be an exciting time for the club. We will be looking to our membership for help to make this an event to be remembered.

Our Junior Olympian Program has been busy. We have had a successful year of kids participating at all ages. We have even managed to bring home medals from all our attended events. BC winter games will be upon us again this upcoming year and we look forward to having some of our juniors attending.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this past term and would very much like to continue on as president.


Jarrod Ball

Treasurer’s Report

This past fiscal year turned out to be a lot better than the previous one. We actually turned in a profit. Our main revenue still comes from the membership fees and the lessons at the Commonwealth Place, the latter seeing ever increasing numbers. Summer activities were also up with many schools, rec centres, and Guides groups trying out our sport.

Due to the increased use of the outdoor range the buttresses’ upkeep took a fair chunk of funds and a lot of work. Some of the bow and arrow sets sold to new members of the club were replaced with new ones. Good supply is now on hand for adult and teen lessons.

Those taking the judges’ and coaches’ training were reimbursed for the cost to encourage more people to get involved.

I am looking forward to another good year for the club and I will serve as a treasurer again if the members so desire.

Respectfully submitted,

Helena Myllyniemi

Membership Director’s Report

My apologies to all for being unable to attend this year’s AGM but I am presently in the UK attending my niece’s wedding.

If the club wishes I am happy to stand for another year to continue the position of Membership Director for 2018.

As of September 21, 2017 we have 216 members.

The main challenge for our club, and it has always been so, is to keep such members interested and active in the sport of archery and to enable them to participate in the club at whatever level they are comfortable with.

This year the British Columbia Archery Association has decided to no longer distribute their paper membership cards. These are not really required by archers, even those entering tournaments, as the only requirement for such is to have a valid Archery Canada number to ensure you are insured and registered. To that end Archery Canada has made it easier for members to print out their own very slick AC membership cards, complete with your own photograph if you wish. These will be very useful to Victoria Bowmen members who enter regional tournaments. If interested, please see myself or Al Wills on how to do this.

In the near future we intend to make some changes to our website and PayPal accounts for easier payment of non-standard fee categories, especially for new members joining after May 31st. We also will be upgrading the standard “Welcome” and “Renewing” emails that members receive.


Larry Gagnon

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