BOD Meeting Minutes: April 2017

Minutes Board of Directors Meeting April 25, 2017

1. Call To Order

Meeting was called to order by the President at the Douglas Fir Room of Saanich Commonwealth Place at 7:38 PM

2. In Attendance

Jarrod Ball, Al Wills, Mary Wills, Greg Birtwistle, Helena Myllyniemi, Vesa Myllyniemi, Rick Ellis, and Dave Ball.

  • Regrets: Bruce Somers, Larry Gagnon, Kendra Savich, Brendan Hodgson, Matthew Lange and Lisa Lange.

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Apologies for the meeting room confusion

4. Correspondence

  • Invictus Games Team appreciation photo – Thank you to Al Wills

5. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

M Dave 2nd Al – Carried

6. Reports

  • Around the room order: –
  • Membership – (called in report) Larry We currently have 166 members for 2017;
  • Vice President – Al – Has been in contact with the ED of Our Place who runs the choices shelter, they will be added more security and will include our property – his # for our use: Don Evans 388-7112;
    • Submitted our updated Bylaws and Constitution to the BC Societies act, they are approved – hopeful that they will not require any further action for sometime;
    • Has been contacted by Sport Host Victoria concerning a possible bid for the 2020 or 2022 Invictus Games. He has supplied them with some information on archery at these events and on what we could assist in for hosting;
  • Drop In – Dave – Drop is going very well 20 – 25 every week, but one week had only 4! Has been get assistance lately from Solly till the end of May, lots of repeats showing up;
  • Range – Greg – Lawn mowed last week, Jimmy did the trimming, looks great! Tractor is working good, the close-range butt will need some work soon;
  • Equipment – Vesa – No report;
  • Treasurer – Helena – Reported a positive bank balance as most schools and Saanich Recreation are paid up.
    • Completed a Coop Team Building 8 people;
    • Many school camps;
    • Lots of summer program booking starting;
    • Has had to complete another payment to BCAA for memberships;
  • Tournament – Rick – Only 8 people at the 720/900 this past Sunday, probably weather related – Mary was the judge, the email reminder did not go out?? – 4 from Vancouver had registered, but pulled out;
    • Next event May 14th, Mary is judging;
  • Social – Mary – No report; and
  • JOP – Jarrod – He is now a certified judge;
    • Adult classes, he has worked with Saanich for the classes they booked for Sundays, 23 Apr – 3 May, but could not make it work, so had to cancel;
    • Mailmatch – 5 medals for VB members;
    • BC Indoor Armstrong – 5 VB participants – 2 medals;
    • JOP Indoor Cowichan – 7 VB participants – All medalled.

7. Business Arising

  • Butts – Jarrod has entire roll of cling wrap for butts to test, discussion on building butts, will use this material for a test butt; – Rick will action
    • Discussion on reworking the Donaconna and other butt ideas, Rick discussed his work on getting pricing from Golden Arrow Archery in Regina for ‘Block’ butts, price of approx. $1900 including shipping;
    • M Helena/2nd Dave to purchase 2 block target butts – Approved;
    • Action Rick will coordinate the order.
  • Work Party – Saturday April 29th 10AM
    • Clean out grass on shooting line;
    • Clean up bag course area;
    • Rick and Vesa will meet at Commonwealth Place to work on those butts;
      • Vesa has material to repair those butt stands.

8. New Business

  • 2018 BC Indoor Championships – Jarrod reported that there was a lot of interest in coming to Victoria for this event, the Board expressed interest;
    • Al has done some very preliminary research on the Juan de Fuca curling rink tentative costs are about $2500 for the weekend.
    • Considering a ‘Money Shoot’ for Saturday night, perhaps a Buffet dinner;
    • Al will see if he can get a budget from Armstrong and will get information from Juan de Fuca;
  • JOP Outdoor Championships – Jarrod reported that Cowichan may not host the event, which would put it in jeopardy, we may be asked to host;
  • ‘In camera discussions on reimbursement and some volunteer positions’.

9. Disbursements for Approval

  • Dave – Drop in / Rick butt material.

10. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

Tuesday May 30, 2017 7:00PM at Saanich Commonwealth Place Room TBA.

11. For The Good Of The Association

Members gave positive statements on the club.

12. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM

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