BOD Meeting Minutes: February 2017

Minutes Board of Directors Meeting February 28, 2017

1. Call To Order

Meeting was called to order by the President at the Douglas Fir Room of Saanich Commonwealth Place at 7:36 PM.

2. In Attendance

Al Wills, Mary Wills, Bev Somers, Helena Myllyniemi, Larry Gagnon, Rick Ellis, Vesa Myllyniemi, Jarrod Ball, Matthew Lange, Kendra Savich, Dave Ball, Maurna Davidson, Brendan Hodgson.

  • Regrets: Bruce Somers, Greg Birtwistle
  • Guests: Sully, Claire

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Been a good start to the year, good tournaments coming up.

4. Correspondence

  • Another payment request scam to Helena; Kendra will look into any ability she might have to filter them.

5. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

10 January 2017, as read by Al Wils. M Jarrod, 2nd Kendra carried.

6. Reports

  • Around the room order:
  • Website (Kendra) – Site navigation was changed to try and improve usage; has been busy moving house but is going to get back on track adding content to the site.
  • Treasurer (Helena) – Still in the black and just sent billing to Saanich; inundated with requests from schools.
  • Equipment (Vesa) – No report.
  • Social (Claire) – Will get social media up and going.
  • Target (Rick) – Nothing to report other than tournaments cancelled due to weather.
  • Junior (Matt) – Outhouses are clean.
  • Equity (Lisa) – No report.
  • Membership (Larry) – 137 members as of today; discussed redundancy in holding multiple membership cards. Issues with members not displaying cards on the range.
  • Brendan – No report.
  • Sully – Coaching coming along.
  • Lessons (Dave) – Drop-ins going great, 15-20 on regular days except when closed down due to snow.
  • Mary – No report.
  • Al – Worksafe BC matters sorted.
  • JOP (Jarrod) – Classes going great, some wanting to become members, upcoming classes are close to full. JOP a little slow this past Sunday but prior to that has been doing okay. Indoor and Outdoor championships both at Cowichan this year.

7. Business Arising

  • Website Changes – All members are invited to contribute content and submit feedback. Will add a link to Al’s Calendar on the Tournament and Events Calendar pages.
  • Tournament Schedule – Next is March 19, need judge; April 23 Mary will judge; need judge for May and June.
  • Locks – Attended to.
  • Target Faces – Did inventory, running out of some indoors but okay for outdoors, settled now except for outdoor full sized 80s.
  • Notification Board – Still being worked on.

8. New Business

  • Membership Levels – Database doesn’t allow us to accurately track past levels, but have estimated pre-2015 levels and expect to see an income shortfall as we fall back to those numbers. Suggestion of boosting membership by appealing to bow hunters.
  • Junior to JOP – Seeing less people coming to JOP, typically because the funds aren’t present.
  • Container Organization – Equipment is a mess, needs to be put away in an organized fashion: targets and pegs taken off butts, sorted by size, etc.
  • Buttress Rebuilding – One done. Couple of cores have taken a beating and are falling out; touch up with silicone caulking and new foam faces.
  • Invictus Games Camp – Moot point; April 3-7 on the outdoor range with Brad Fulsang; 18m.
  • Target Pins – Need a lot more, especially at the outdoor range; Jarrod will ask Hugh Williams.

9. Disbursements for Approval

  • Bruce for lawnmower repairs
  • Al for garbage
  • Jarrod for JOP and classes
  • Matt for birthdays and classes
  • Larry for stationery
  • Dave for classes and drop-in
  • Helena for birthdays and classes
  • M Jarrod, 2nd Al – Carried

10. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

March 28 2017 7:00 PM at Saanich Commonwealth Place, room TBD.

11. For The Good Of The Association

Members gave positive statements on the club.

12. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:48 PM.


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