BOD Meeting Minutes: January 2017

Minutes Board of Directors Meeting January 10, 2017

1. Call To Order

Meeting was called to order by the President at the Meeting Room of Saanich Commonwealth Place at 7:12 PM

2. In Attendance

Jarrod Ball, Al Wills, Larry Gagnon, Helena Myllyniemi, Rick Ellis, Matthew Lange, Lisa Lange, Lisa Lange and Dave Ball.

  • Regrets: Bruce Somers, Mary Wills, Kendra Savich, Vesa Myllyniemi, Greg Birtwistle

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Happy New Year, been quiet so far, this year and holiday season. Question on end time for Sunday shooting, should be 4:30PM, Jarrod will clarify with SCP.

4. Correspondence

  • BC Assessment notice on the property up 6%.

5. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

23 November 2016, as posted on the website. M Al 2nd Dave – Carried.

6. Reports

  • Around the room order:
  • Membership – Larry – We currently have 100 members for 2017. We ended the past year with 227. Discussion on those shooting without current membership – Action – Jarrod to send out a notice that if membership is not renewed, you cannot be shooting until it is, also will add to newsletter.
  • Tournament – Rick – (with input from Greg B) – The January tournament was cancelled due to frozen butts. Next event is February.
    • Butts 1 & 2 have been redone with the wider donaconna board;
    • Out of 122cm targets – will have some after next event;
    • 50M Bulldog butt has been receiving lots of arrows as it is the only non-frozen butt!;
    • Being prudent with target placement for practice so that the tournament spots aren’t used.
  • Treasurer – Helena – We’re back in the black! Saanich payments were delayed, have sent $1500 to BCAA, the paypal system is working well – Reported for Vesa, has butts for centre replacement at home and will work on them when the weather improves, will purchase another foam sheet – Everyone applauded the idea for the foam!;
  • Equity – Lisa – No report;
  • Junior – Matt – No report, discussed toilet cleaning schedule;
  • Lessons – Dave – Thank you for the foam! Drop in is very busy!;
  • Vice President – Al – No report; and
  • JOP – Jarrod – Has been busy, 19 out last Sunday, Had an eye injury last week, good lesson learned! He now has access to the website, so he can add items as required.

7. Business Arising

  • Judges – Jarrod received an answer on our inquiry concerning judges being able to judge tournaments on their own. Al and Jarrod will follow up;
  • Notice Board – Discussion on how a notice board at the range being required, Jarrod will look into something.
  • Butt Cores – Rick reported that it looks like we are very low on replacement cores. The latest ones seem to be working well – over to Vesa to see about ordering – tabled to next meeting;
  • Lock changes – combination will be changed on 17th of January – Larry will get out a notice to be followed by newsletter/social media/website notices;
  • Social Media – Jarrod has appointed Claire to look after our Social media postings.

8. New Business

  • Indoor Targets required – Al will bring some out and do an inventory;
  • Donaconna clean up – Rick reported there is a lot of donaconna between the containers that needs to be disposed of – Al volunteered to pick it up tomorrow.

9. Disbursements for Approval

  • Dave/Jarrod – Lessons

10. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

February 28, 2017 7:00PM at Saanich Commonwealth Place Room TBA.

11. For The Good Of The Association

Members gave positive statements on the club.

12. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:07 PM.

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