AGM Meeting Minutes: September 2016

Minutes Annual General Meeting September 29, 2016

1. Call To Order

Meeting was held at in the Arbutus room of the Saanich Commonwealth centre. Victoria, BC. Called to order by the president at 7:15.

2. In Attendance

Dave Ball, Brad Barclay, Greg Birtwistle, Rick Ellis, Greg Fong, Claire Halliwell, Brenden Hodgson, Hugh Hughson, Suzanna Jacques, Lisa Lange, Matthew Lange, Richard Lange, Paul Lescurmure, Helena Myllyniemi, Vesa Myllyniemi, Andrew Reeve, Kendra Savich, Georgina Scott, Bruce Somers, Hans Vollert, Hugh Williams, Al Wills, Mary Wills.

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

The chairman welcomed everyone and noted the primarily informational purpose of the meeting, as no new motions were proposed within 30 days prior to the AGM.

There was a moment of silence for those archers who have passed on this past year.

4. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

The minutes of the 2015 AGM were distributed at the meeting and had also been on the website for members to read.

To accept the minutes of the 2016 AGM: Moved by Brad Barclay, 2nd Mary Wills. Carried.

5. Reports

  • President – Report read and submitted.
  • Vice-President – N/A
  • Secretary – No report
  • Treasurer – Report read and submitted.
  • Membership Director – Report read and submitted.
  • Tournament DirectorVerbal: The last tournament was held the weekend before; 2016 tournaments have seen 12-29 attendees on average. All tournaments were registered with Archery Canada. Shorter distances have been made available, and the club hosted games qualifiers as well as mini tournaments. Regional Indoors were held in March, and there were no mail matches this year. Noted that it’s much easier to set up tournaments now, and thanked everyone who contributes to that.
  • JOP Report – N/A
  • Equipment Director – No report. Has been working on butt rebuilding and managing the acquisition of new bows for club use.
  • Public Relations – N/A
  • Junior DirectorVerbal: Has been a good year for juniors in competitions. Medals won in the BC Winter Games, BC Outdoors, and more. Expressed hopes that the coming year will be even better.
  • Webmaster ReportVerbal: The club’s website was updated in early 2015 to be more navigable and mobile friendly. Since then traffic has been high, with the club’s website consistently ranking first in Google results for archery in Victoria. The outdoor range’s address was also added and verified as a location in Google Maps, and the club newsletter was moved to MailChimp in order to improve accessibility and design.The website has seen a very slow but steady drop in visits since it was launched, as has the club’s number of newsletter opens. Despite this, new visits to the site and the number of new subscribers on the newsletter list are steadily climbing. The most website traffic has been seen going to the Lessons, Events Calendar, Beginning Archers, and Membership pages. The club’s Facebook page has seen heavy engagement from members, but the same has not been seen on Twitter and Google+.The webmaster stated her desire to improve website usability and newsletter engagement. There are plans to improve orientation for new club members, as well as increase the amount of supplementary information and articles on the site. She formally called on members to report any issues they may encounter on the website, as well as submit any archery articles or topics of expertise they think other members may find useful, via emailing her directly. It was stated that the club will also tender members who are heavily active in social media to assist in the managing of those accounts.
  • Drop-in ArcheryVerbal: The first drop-in archery class took place after the last AGM. It was a tremendous success, averaging 18-20 attendees every night; the club had to add a cut off attendance because we couldn’t handle the numbers. Summer adult classes were also phenomenal and resulted in some new club members. There is still heavy interest in potential members buying used bows.
  • Lessons Director – N/A
  • Past President – Report read and submitted.
  • Standing Committees – No report.

6. Business Arising From The Minutes


7. New Business

  • New BC Archery Association Membership Fee:
    • BC Archery has upped fees by $5 to support compound and 3D archers on the national and international level. Victoria Bowmen had the choice of absorbing the cost or upping our membership fees. Motion to increase Victoria Bowmen membership costs to cover the extra charge, M Bruce, 2nd Mary, carried.
  • Approval of New Association Bylaws:
    • After being posted as a draft on the website for the past 9 months, a motion was made to approve the new club bylaws. M Al Wills, 2nd Dave, carried.

8. Election of Officers

Past President Al Wills took the chair to present the nominating committee’s recommendations for the 2016/17 slate of officers.

The following were elected by position and will form the Executive Committee:

  • President – Jarrod Ball
  • Vice-President – Al Wills
  • Secretary – Kendra Savich
  • Treasurer – Helena Myllyniemi

The following we elected to the Board of Directors:

  • Larry Gagnon – Membership Director
  • Rick Ellis – Tournament Director
  • Jarrod Ball – JOP Director
  • Vesa Myllyniemi – Equipment Director
  • Brenden Hodgson – New Archer Representative
  • Matthew Lange – Junior Director
  • Mary Wills – Social Director
  • Lisa Lange, Kendra Savich – Equity Director
  • Dave Ball – Lessons Director
  • Greg Birtwistle – Range Director
  • Bruce Somers – Director at Large
  • PR Director – No nominations

8. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

October 26 2016, 7pm Saanich Commonwealth Place. Room TBA. Victoria Bowmen club members were reminded that they are welcome to attend any club board meetings at any time to observe and offer guest input.

9. For the Good of the Association

Members present gave their thoughts and suggestions:

  • Thanks was extended to the Tournament Director and competing club members for all they do representing the club in .
  • The dissolution of the women’s shooting sub-group was discussed, with plans for more casual group invitations to be sent out via social media and the club’s website. Female attendance to drop-ins was reported to be high.
  • A call was made for club members to attend the upcoming coaching clinic and achieve coaching certification.
  • An inquiry was made as to the estimated investment requirement for a flat field 3D addition to the range. Prices were estimated about $8k. May be discussed further if wide club interest is shown.
  • Interest was expressed in holding mail matches in 2017, especially indoors. Brad Barclay put his name forward as mail match coordinator and director.
  • Compliments and appreciation were expressed over the recent outdoor range changes, particularly the moving of the picnic table to behind the shooting line.

10. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:06 PM.


Past President Report 2016

As the past president, I have enjoyed serving on the Board without an actual portfolio, the club is busy and it is a pleasure to assist in running it!

I am afraid I have to report again this year, that we are no closer in making the range a more permanent home. I can report that I have been in constant contact with our landlord, Shared Services BC, they are adamant that the property is surplus and are intent on divesting themselves of it, however, they don’t speak with definite timelines any more. There was a bit of a hold as it was a possible site for the sewage treatment, but that issue is now dead. At some point they will put out a tender to assess the value of the property, then we would see some activity. I have been assured that it is a VERY low priority in what is a very busy government office and given the fairly low value, what ever it may be, it could be a while. However, once the bureaucracy moves ahead, we will have few options. What can we do?? Well, I’m afraid not a lot, for sure we should continue to be good stewards of the property and maintain our good standing in the community, however, until the actual sale process starts and we know what the studies show, not a lot! (Sorry!!!) At the same time, I don’t think we need panic quite yet, but let’s always be on the lookout for a new home.

This year we also saw a great turnout to our many tournaments, it is good to see the range being used by so many! The range is seeing lots of use, which is an opportunity for me to play mother again, the range does not have any garbage pickup or anyone to clean up after you, so if you bring something with you to the range, take it away. When you finish shooting at a target and it’s shot out, take it home and recycle it. If you see someone on the range (no matter who it is, including me), that isn’t wearing their membership card, ask them where it is, non-member use is dangerous and probably our quickest way to losing the property! The state of the range is all of our responsibility, please take it seriously! And to whomever is smoking on the line and leaving your butts, please stop!

I have enjoyed this past term, however, past president is only a one year portfolio, so I intend to allow my name to stand for Vice President.

Respectfully submitted,
Al Wills, Past President

Treasurer’s Report – 2016

Another year has passed in the history of Victoria Bowmen. We managed to take care of business without dipping into our savings. Our main revenue came from membership fees and the instructional charges for the lessons at the Saanich Commonwealth Place. Whether the participation numbers are due to the continuous interest in archery in various shows on TV or the word of mouth are benefiting from it. To a small part we did make a bit of money in our tournaments and the sale of equipment.

We made improvements to our outdoor facility and keeping the shooting equipment and the target butts in good shape was a big part of our overall expenses.

Our expenses topped the revenue by a few hundred dollars but that was remedied in the new fiscal year as the payments for the August classes were received.

The new year looks promising as most of the classes are fully booked.

It has been a pleasure to serve again and I will continue to do so if the members elect me again as their treasurer.

Respectfully submitted,

Helena Myllyniemi

Tournament Director’s Annual Report – 2016

Ten outdoor tournaments were held in 2016. The first was in early Jan and produced the first rankings for archers in Canada. Participation was good – ranging from 12 to 29 archers per tournament, with attendance by archers from up island and the Greater Vancouver area.

All outdoor tournaments were registered with Archery Canada and were combined Cdn 900 and 720s

For all tournaments the shorter training distances (T2S) were available.

VB hosted a 55+ Games Qualifier in June in combination with the June tournament.
In order to assist Zone 1 archers prepare for the 55+ games targets were set up at 55+ barebow distances for the Sept tournament.

In order to assist archers prepare for the Master’s Games, the Aug tournament included a “Barebow” 720 @ 50M on a 122cm target face.

VB hosted a Regional Indoors tournament in March of 2016

VB did not participate in the Archery Canada indoor or outdoor mailmatches in 2016.

The fee structure for tournaments was revised this year. Fees for VB members were $5 and $20 for quests. All direct tournament costs (targets and judge fees) were covered by the fees.

The tournament director would like to thank the enthusiastic group of club members who help set up and take down the tournaments.