BOD Meeting Minutes: March 2016

Minutes Board of Directors Meeting March 14, 2016

1. Call To Order

Meeting was called to order by the President at the Arbutus Room of Saanich Commonwealth Place at 6:35pm.

2. In Attendance

Al Wills, Helena Myllyniemi, Larry Gagnon, Rick Ellis, George Trattner, Jarrod Ball, Matthew Lange, Kendra Savich, Dave Ball, James Collett, Maurna Davison.

  • Regrets: Mary Wills, Bev Somers, Bruce Somers, Greg Birtwistle
  • Guests: Brendan Hodgson

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

It’s been a busy last month and a half, lot of things done for Archery Canada.

4. Correspondence

  • None.

5. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

15 February 2016, as posted on the website. M Al, 2nd James carried.

6. Reports

  • Around the room order:
  • Website (Kendra) – Lost power at her house in the middle of updates, so to-dos from last meeting have been delayed. Email spam issues are to be addressed on an individual basis.
  • Al – Bylaws and job descriptions are done, will be put on website for review and approval at next AGM.
  • Lessons (James) – Drop-in going to be shut down when lessons move outdoors at the beginning of May. Going to continue encouraging them to join.
  • NAP Program (Dave) – Large number of drop-ins continuing to come in, question of whether the club is gaining or losing money on it. Not a lot of people making use of the NAP.
  • Junior (Matt) – Outhouses will be done next weekend.
  • Social (Maurna) – Discussion of potential Easter event for club and/or JOPs and beginning of organization for Work Party. Possible event for JOP and younger club members to mark their achievements and encourage them to keep participating. Need to fix her name on the site.
  • Target (Rick) – 13 archers at last tournament. Regional Indoors was a big success, 29 archers, got a lot of compliments. Next tournament March 20.
  • Equipment (George) – Started last series of indoor beginner classes, one full. Last of the bows for sale have been bought.
  • Membership (Larry) – 143 paid up members for this year, down from last year. Last two years may have been due to wave of archery in popular media but not sure.
  • Treasurer (Helena) – Back in the black again from tournament, winter games, and Saanich. Starting the summer camps. April is booked up and May is filling quickly.
  • JOP (Jarrod) – Winter Games went fantastically, JOP doing well, indoor championships coming up. Lisa Lange is new scoring coordinator. Things have been busy.

7. Business Arising

  • Permanent Butts At Range – All done and painted.
  • Funding Subcommittee – Tabled, have a meeting on Wednesday.
  • Judges Stand – Tabled until Greg is back.
  • Shooting Times – JOP times changed to 1:15 – 3:15, hasn’t suffered much. Times evidently not lining up on club and JOP site so need to be fixed. Good response with taking break partway through to put away half of the targets.
  • Mental Clinics – Did the second one, had less attendees but went well and people enjoyed it, planning to do another at UVic.
  • Eliminations Tournament – Doesn’t seem likely to happen as things stand; haven’t gotten enough feedback.
  • Minutes Details/Members Only – Will turn off published minutes until members-only sections are established. All news to be distributed to club members via newsletter.
  • Locks For Lockers – Greg updated locks on main gate and gate into container compound. Discussion of access to locker locks.
  • Coaching Clinic – Some April dates proposed. Will be split into two Saturdays. Going to confirm access to rooms.

8. New Business

  • Nets – Saanich wants to do renewal of the wall over the summer and touchup of the doors. Using plywood shields in interim while nets are trimmed and hemmed, possibly dyed.
  • Gym Doors – Going to work with Saanich for door fixing.
  • Bows For Sale – Gained 3 members out of 8 bows sold. 2 were existing members. Discussion of selling bows only within the club, pricing them higher for non-members, or pricing all to make some money. Will price out and propose new cost.
  • Scrapbook – Al will hang onto. Discussion of digitizing and putting on site in case it’s lost. Note to be put in newsletter to ask if anyone wants to volunteer.
  • Subcommittee – Need replacement for Bruce.
  • Mary’s Mother – Mary’s mother passed away last weekend, club to offer condolences.
  • Targets – Going to test shoot Bulldog targets and see how they perform, consider ordering some to fit permanent butts.
  • Tournament Charges – Going to start charging for tournaments in April.

9. Disbursements for Approval

  • George for lessons
  • Matthew for 9 weeks and birthday parties and toilets
  • Helena for weeks and birthday parties
  • Dave for NAP, JOP, drop-in
  • Larry for new membership cards

M Al, 2nd Maurna – Carried

10. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

April 18 2016 6:30pm at Saanich Commonwealth Place, Arbutus Room.

11. For The Good Of The Association

Members gave positive statements on the club.

12. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.

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