Victoria Bowmen Newsletter November 2015

Hello Everyone,

Here is the latest news including our last Board Meeting (October 27):

No Sunday Shooting

There will be no club shooting the afternoon of Sunday November 15, as the gym is booked for a craft fair.

Shooting Etiquette At The Indoor Range

There have been some issues with safety and etiquette during club shooting at the indoor range in Saanich Commonwealth Place. We urge club members to note the following:

  • Ensure that someone is assigned to whistle at each club shoot to signal proper shooting and arrow retrieval.
  • Make sure to take care of target set up and take down before taking out or putting away your bow and personal equipment. This ensures that everyone helps at the same time and prevents set up from stretching over several ends.
  • Please be considerate of other archers when arriving late and setting up targets. Be quick and efficient so as not to hold up others’ shooting.
  • There has been an inordinate amount of socializing while pulling arrows, slowing down the rhythm of shooting. Please retrieve your arrows quickly and only converse (quietly) behind the shooting line or outside of the range.
  • It has been proposed that late-run archers set up their targets on the right side of the range, while those who leave early set up on the left. This will allow those leaving early to put away their targets without interrupting anyone else’s shooting.
  • When signing in a guest on the range sign-in book, please make sure to note the date, your guest’s full name and phone number, and your own name.

Monday Drop-In Nights

Saanich Recreation is currently running a Monday indoor drop-in program (barcode #687207). This program is not administrated by the Victoria Bowmen Club and is not insured by us, but club members are welcome to use it for extra shooting time. There is a $10 fee per drop in, paid to Saanich Recreation, and you will potentially be sharing the space with beginner archers. Drop-in nights run from 8:00 – 9:30pm every Monday until December 21st.

Outdoor Range Coordinator

The Victoria Bowmen Board of Directors is seeking someone to hold the position of Outdoor Range Coordinator. This board member would be in charge of keeping an eye on the use and maintenance of the club’s outdoor shooting range, as well as coordinating volunteers to mow grass, clean up garbage, form work parties, and other similar duties. Please contact the club president if interested.

Membership Draw

All club members who participate in a tournament have their names entered into an annual draw to win one of 2 free club memberships (not including BCAA insurance). The winners of this year’s draw are Ralph Clark and Will Korvemaker. Congratulations!

Annual General Meeting

With the passing of the club’s Annual General Meeting this past September, the Victoria Bowmen say goodbye to Al Wills as president and welcome Jarrod Ball to the position. All new and returning board members can be found on the club’s Board of Directors page.

Holiday Turkey Shoot

The club’s annual holiday Turkey Shoot has been scheduled for Sunday December 13, from 2:15 – 4:15 pm in the Garry Oak gym of the Saanich Commonwealth Place. Food will be potluck, so bring your bows and some treats. All ages welcome.

Judging Clinic

A judging clinic will be hosted November 21 & 22 at PISE by the BC Archery Association and Victoria Bowmen. To register, contact Jarrod Ball. Bring a printed or electronic version of the Archery Canada rule book, and a lunch (or cash for a restaurant). See the event page for more details.

Latest Board Meeting

The minutes from our latest meeting (October 27) have just been posted to our meeting page.

The following is repeated information, but still topical:

Lock The Gate

If you are the last one at the range, please take the responsibility of checking to make sure everything is locked (container compound and gate). Best to go ahead and lock it if you’re not sure.


A few reminders of etiquette and procedures for indoor shooting: – Always be sure your membership card is visible!

  1. Whistle rules (always ensure someone is designated to the whistle):
    1. 2 short whistles – Archers to the line
    2. 1 short whistle – Begin Shooting
    3. 3 short whistles – Retrieve arrows
    4. 4 or more whistles – EMERGENCY – All stop shooting.
  2. Do not nock arrow until everyone is on or behind the shooting line and whistle is blown.
  3. Shoot 3 arrows, more allowed if you don’t hold up others.
  4. Step back from the shooting line when finished shooting.
  5. Never draw above top of butt. Ensure your arrow will hit the butt, if not, move a butt closer.
  6. When pulling arrows be careful of those behind you.
  7. Check your equipment before shooting.
  8. Youth under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  9. Please help set up, take down and clean up. Don’t leave this to others, someone has to set up and take down, it doesn’t take long if EVERYONE pitches in! Come a bit early and stay until the end.
  10. Ensure the container is locked if you are last to leave.
  11. There is NO shooting during work parties, when a work party is called there is no shooting until all the work is complete and the last of the workers has left — the President will open the range when it is appropriate.

Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page. Our tournament schedule is there are as are results, pictures, and information on all facets of archery!