AGM Meeting Minutes: September 2015

Minutes Annual General Meeting September 28, 2015

1. Call To Order

Meeting was held at in the Arbutus room of the Saanich Commonwealth centre. Victoria, BC. Called to order by the president at 7:00 PM.

2. In Attendance

Al Wills, Mary Wills, Bruce Somers, Bev Somers, Larry Gagnon, Andrew Reeve, Dina Reeve, Helena Myllyniemi, Jarrod Ball, Greg Fong, Lisa Lange, Matthew Lange, Rick Ellis, John Cargnelli, Ralph Clark, Dave Ball, Helen Roberton, Kendra Savich, Bradley Clements, Maurna Davison, Hugh Hughson.

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

The chairman thanked everyone for the good turnout in attendance and informed that no notices of motions had been received for this meeting, which makes this meeting informational and to elect officers to the board for the coming year. He also stated that this meeting is for the members to find out anything they want to know about the club and to ask questions as required.

4. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

The minutes of the 2014 AGM were distributed at the meeting and had also been on the website for members to read.

To accept the minutes of the 2014 AGM Moved by Kendra Savich, Seconded by Andrew Reeve. Carried.

5. Reports

  • President – Report read and submitted
  • Vice-President –Report read and submitted
  • Treasurer – Report read and submitted
  • Secretary – No report
  • Membership Director – Report read and submitted
  • Tournament Director – Report read and submitted
  • Equipment Director – Report read and submitted
  • JOP Report – Report read and submitted
  • Junior Report — Report read and submitted
  • Webmaster Report — Report read and submitted
  • Drop in Archery

6. Business Arising


7. New Business


8. Election of Officers

Bruce Somers took the chair to present the nominating committee’s recommendations for the 2015/16 slate of officers.

The following were elected by position and will form the Executive Committee:

  • President – Jarrod Ball
  • Vice-President –
  • Secretary – Kendra Savich
  • Treasurer – Helena Myllyniemi

The following we elected to the Board of Directors:

  • Al Wills (become Past President)
  • Bruce Somers
  • Larry Gagnon
  • Tracy Klat
  • George Trattner
  • Bev Somers
  • Mary Wills
  • James Collett
  • Matthew Lange
  • Bradley Clements
  • Rick Ellis
  • Maurna Davidson

8. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

To be announced later by the President.

9. For the Good of the Association

Members present gave their thoughts and suggestions:

  • The president commended Andrew Reeve for his hard work on behalf of the club over the past year and presented him an Honorary Membership.

10. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:18PM, moved by Dave Ball.


2015 President’s Report

It is with very mixed emotions that I report to you today, while I am very pleased to report another successful year for the Victoria Bowmen, this is my last meeting as your President. I have enjoyed serving this club immensely and am not going far, the Victoria Bowmen is in my blood, so I will always be close by! There are a lot of projects I am working on (including the property and new bylaws), that still need to be completed.

Judging by the membership numbers, it would appear we have peaked and are now in a bit of a plateau, which is a good thing, we need a bit of time to solidify a lot of our new initiatives to do with new members and policies. We are still losing more new members than we retain by a large margin, while that’s been the way it’s been for as long as I can remember, we need to do something about it! What? No one seems to know, but be assured your Board is concerned! We have an incredible group of instructors who are doing great work teaching our sport, the number of people who have taken lessons in the past year is incredible!

I am afraid I have to report again this year, that we are no closer in making the range a more permanent home. I can report that I have been in constant contact with our landlord, Shared Services BC, they are adamant that the property is surplus and are intent on divesting themselves of it by the end of this fiscal year. That will not happen as the sewage treatment issue will have to be dealt with first, then a study on what the property can be used for, then we would see some activity. What can we do?? Well, I’m afraid not a lot, for sure we should continue to be good stewards of the property and maintain our good standing in the community, however, until the actual sale process starts and we know what the studies show, not a lot! (Sorry!!!) At the same time, I don’t think we need panic quite yet, but let’s always be on the lookout for a new home.

I have attended all Board other meetings, produced the minutes and generated newsletters. This past year, Kendra took over the website and produced a new format, which has been a great asset to the club and a lot of help to me! Our regular newsletters and social media updates keep our members informed.

Another year of great numbers for indoor, we are still enjoying 2 days a week with some nights near capacity, we lobbied hard for more time, however, the times we want are also popular with other users. Saanich Recreation has come up with a drop in archery session on Monday nights, this is not a Victoria Bowmen program, however, it’s another opportunity to shoot indoors at a small cost ($10) We have been given slightly new times on Sundays, which are not ideal, but accommodate the lessons and JOP much better.

This year we also saw a great turnout to our many tournaments, it is good to see the range being used by so many! The range is seeing lots of use, which is an opportunity for me to play mother gain, the range does not have any garbage pickup or anyone to clean up after you, so if you bring something with you to the range, take it away. When you finish shooting at a target and it’s shot out, take it home and recycle it. If you see someone on the range (no matter who it is, including me), that isn’t wearing their membership card, ask them where it is, non-member use is dangerous and probably our quickest way to losing the property! The state of the range is all of our responsibility, please take it seriously!

As I said above this is my last year as your President, it is time for different leadership and new blood. I hope to always be a part of the Board and a part of Victoria Bowmen, but …….. It’s time!

Respectfully submitted,

Al Wills, President

Vice President’s Report

What a year we have had! It has been a year for the record books. With membership numbers at their highest and participation during club shoots indoors at near capacity, it is quite evident the club is strong and growing. We have made considerable attempts at making the club and range accessible to our members. This year has proven to us who our members are, what they want, and how to give them what they want. We have successfully implemented several initiatives to grow our new member numbers, retain new members and satisfy existing members with the use of info clinics, more accessible tournaments and our New Archers Program. We have identified our strengths and weaknesses as a club.

The JOP program has continued to show success, not only in its year round attendance being strong, but also in its development of skill in its athletes. We have had youth members attend trials to participate in the Canadian Winter Games, at the JOP indoor and outdoor championships, all of our attending athletes medalled in their respective divisions. We have even had a junior member make a new national record. It is clear that the future of the sport shines brightly.

Victoria Bowmen archery club has become a home and family to many throughout the years. We have held some successful national and world events. We have had to move to our current location. We have seen growth and used the full potential of our outdoor range. None of this has happened without the tireless efforts of our members. However we are reminded quite regularly that we are only visitors at our current location, but with the strength of the sport and the determination of our members, we hope to find and establish a more permanent place to call home in the near future.

It has been my goal in this past year to learn and observe the president’s role for Victoria Bowmen. The club has come together and shared many of the responsibilities that could make this position a daunting task. I would like to volunteer myself and ask for your support and consideration for the position of president. I feel I have the experience, the interpersonal skills and ambition needed to represent our members and our sport. I am excited with what archery has to bring to Victoria in the future. As a national marquee, Victoria prides itself in its history of sport. Home to many of Canada’s national teams and training centers, the city has been host to countless national and international events. I think that it might be time that archery elbows its way back into that spotlight in Victoria. No adventure is without its challenges, but without those challenges the rewards wouldn’t have the same sweetness. I would love to see the flag of archery fly high on top of that mountain.


Jarrod Ball

Treasurer’s Report

Another year has passed in our club’s history. It feels good to report that we are back from the deficit and looking healthy. Our membership is increasing and the Saanich Commonwealth Pool lessons are thriving, creating funds and increasing the membership as many of the participants have decided to join the club after the lessons. These two things are our main source of income as we haven’t hosted any major tournaments as of yet. Our members have enjoyed the free tournaments that we ran through the year. Our major expenses are behind now with the range being in fairly good shape and the shooting equipment and the butts renewed. And our big thank yous go to the members who keep doing their part in providing hours of volunteer work to keep the range and the equipment in shape.
We still have money left in our investment account for future needs. As of now I can’t see the need to take any more money out to run the day to day operation of the club.

It has been my pleasure to serve the club again and I will keep doing this as long as the members so wish and vote for me.

Respectfully submitted

Helena Myllyniemi


Matthew Lange Toilet and JOP Report

AGM September 28th 2015

JOP- This past year at JOP was another great success. We had a good turnout and many new members due to the classes at commonwealth. A lot of members participated in both of the JOP indoor and Outdoor competitions and almost all of them placed and won pins. I hope that this coming year will be just as good as the last!

Toilets- This was my first year doing toilet maintenance at the range. I cleaned them once a month, sometimes twice a month in the summer.

2015 AGM Report: Kendra Savich (Webmaster)

A new WordPress-based install was created, templated, and modified to serve as the new mobile-device-friendly Victoria Bowmen website in January 2015. After meeting the approval of the Board of Directors, the existing site was downloaded for archiving purposes and the new website was made ‘live’, replacing the existing site at the domain. The archive of the previous site was also made available on the new site under the subdirectory .

The new site has met with much approval from club members and has made it easier to renew membership payments, get information on lessons, and check club schedules. Google Analytics tracking has also been added to the site in order to provide reports on site usage, and insight on ways to improve the site for both existing club members and new potential members.

A short while after the new site was made live it was brought down by the server that the site was hosted by, HostGator, for running more processes than allowed by their hosting packages. The issue was resolved, but to lessen the chance of it happening again, research was done into finding a new hosting service for the club website. A hosting package was purchased with Arvixe, and a copy of the existing WordPress site on HostGator was uploaded to the Arvixe server for testing prior to moving the site over entirely.

At one point during the testing process Arvixe informed us that the test server needed to be moved, changing a number of things the test site was reliant on. The test site is currently being restored and re-tested on the new Arvixe server, after which the site will be moved over along with the domain name.

Currently about 29% of all traffic to the club website is from mobile devices with a low bounce rate, indicating that the site is serving its purpose in being more accessible and useful to visitors using smartphones and other mobile devices. The site has increased in rank to become one of the first Google results when searching archery-related terms in Victoria, and the contact form and range maps are regularly used by visitors.

Social media accounts were also created and upgraded in order to represent the club on a variety of easily-accessible networks; right now accounts are being maintained on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, and are regularly updated with club news and updates from the website.

The club newsletter mailer was also changed to MailChimp in order to facilitate better ease of use, more professional presentation, improved website integration, and better compatibility with mobile devices. Since the change the newsletter has an email open rate of 47% compared to the sports industry average of 24%, showing that members on the newsletter list are engaged with news that the club sends out.

Future plans for the site include the transfer of the site to the new Arvixe server, as well as the continual improvement of the site’s content and structure in order to facilitate clear information and ease of use, provide services of value to existing club members, and encourage new members to join.

Victoria Bowmen 2015 AGM Membership Director’s Report

As at September 22nd, 2015 our fully paid memberships total 200. Of these some 16 are new members who joined since September 1st, and therefore have paid to Dec 31st, 2016. These numbers include all family members.

These membership levels are just slightly lower than from the same time frame last year, but still at a reasonable level. We shouldn’t remain complacent as the real challenge is keeping new members engaged and interested in our sport to continue with it in the long term. To that end our New Archer Program and Guest tryouts as well as the new Monday evening archery try out winter sessions should see not only more memberships in future but hopefully more new members sticking with the sport.

We ran a member survey earlier this year for which we had 48 responses. Of those, one of the more requested items was to see more frequent workshops on various aspects of archery, so your executive hopes to continue holding more frequent workshops in the future.

If any member has more ideas on how to promote our club or help new members feel welcome then please raise your suggestions with your executive at any time.

I am happy to stand again as Membership Director for 2016 if the club wishes.

Larry Gagnon

Tournament Director’s Annual Report – 2015

VB participated in the Archery Canada indoor mailmatch during the 2014/2015 indoor season.

VB hosted a MICA tournament in March of 2015

10 outdoor tournaments were held in 2015. The first was in early Jan and produced the first rankings for archers in Canada. Participation was good ranging from 12 to 23 archers per tournament, with attendance by archers from up island and the Greater Vancouver area.

All outdoor tournaments were registered with Archery Canada and were combined Cdn 900 and 720s

For all tournaments the shorter training distances (T2S) were set up and used by an enthusiastic group of archers.

VB hosted a 55+ Games Qualifier in June in combination with the June tournament.

In order to assist Zone 1 archers prepare for the 55+ games targets were set up at 55+ longbow distances for the June, July and Aug tournaments.

There were no fees to participate in tournaments for VB members. Fees were collected for MICA, and the 55+ games society for the qualifier, and fees were collected from guests at the tournaments, consequently all direct tournament costs (targets and judge fees) were covered.

The tournament director would like to thank the enthusiastic group of club members who help set up and take down the tournaments. This process is running smoothly and most club members who participate in the tournaments are there to lend a hand.

2015 Report: Public Relations Member for the Victoria Bowman’s Club

It’s been a great year of continuing establishment for the club.

In my position as Public Relations member I helped in the initial contact with “Clash of Arrows” a company that uses bows and soft tipped arrows in an indoor competitive sport, and I organized some Women only shoots both indoor and outdoor.

This has been my second year on the board and I’m now stepping down. Thank-you and I hope it’s another great year for the Victoria Bowmen.

Equipment / Lessons

We are fortunate to continue to enjoy excellent indoor and outdoor archery facilities. Upgrades were made to both venues this past year to accommodate the growing number of active shooters.

Indoors, the width of the safety netting at the Commonwealth was increased to accommodate additional shooting lanes, with a further increase to fully cover the east wall awaiting implementation once the necessary curtain hangers are positioned by Saanich Rec. personnel.

Thanks to the initiative and hard work of Vesa Myllyniemi, the collapsible butt frames that have in the past been a pain to set up and take down, have all been modified to allow almost effortless installation.

Outdoors, we’ve added two more permanent butts to the range, which now readily accommodates practice at all conventional tournament distances.

Adult beginners’ lessons, administered by Saanich Rec. and equipped and manned by Victoria Bowmen, continued unabated this past year. Through the year, the courses were all subscribed to the maximum, with an extended waiting list that will now be carried over to the coming year. A total of twelve courses were conducted indoors from September to June followed by two outdoor courses this past July and August. With a course loading of sixteen each, a total of 224 enthusiasts were introduced to archery, with many of them now active members of our club.

George Trattner

N.A.P.  (New Archer Program)
Dave Ball

Since the inception of the NAP back in the fall indoor season, the participation has been steady and improvement has been achieved by those taking advantage of the program.
The summer outdoor season has seen the number of participants drop off from what was common indoors. This could simply be the shooting time change.

I would like to see those coming from the classes to register for NAP, set up a section to the end of the hall for them. These archers can be injected into the regular club targets without feeling overwhelmed.  To do this I think maybe putting 4 targets on each butt stand to allow for the integration again with the feeling that they are not imposing.

With the outdoor target configuration being so staggered, it was difficult at times to set new members at the closer distances. Perhaps next year we can review where to place the butts. ???????????? put up more temp butts

Coming into the indoor session, we need to invite the club to participate. I think in order to encourage new archers, keeping score in a planned structure will allow them to see for themselves the improvement and how they are doing in relation to the others. Maybe we could do a “league” approach similar to bowling and apply a handicap system.. Say a man/women/compound/junior….Open for discussion.

All in all the program with James on hand to offer a familiar face and encouragement to those from the classes, I believe the first year was a successful start, with room for improvement and growth.

Dave Ball

Coming Up: BC Indoor Championships, April 19-21