BOD Meeting Minutes: May 2015

Minutes Board of Directors Meeting May 25, 2015

1. Call To Order

Meeting was called to order by the President at the Pacific Dogwood Room of Saanich Commonwealth Place at 7:39 PM.

2. In Attendance

Al Wills, Bev & Bruce Somers, Helena Myllyniemi, Larry Gagnon, Rick Ellis, George Trattner, Jarrod Ball, Matthew Lange, Kendra Savich, Bradley Clements, and James Collett.

  • Regrets: Clash of Arrows representative, Mary Wills, Diana Kaun, Dave Ball, and Tracy Klat.

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Everything is going really well on the outdoor range, but would like all to pay more attention to range husbandry: replace targets, straighten butts, pick up bags. Hooks are on the back of the butts for the bags. It might make them too high but we’ll see how that works.

Everything that isn’t the shooting range is officially SPEA (Streamside Protection and Enhancement Area).

4. Correspondence

  • Cowichan Bowmen: Hellhole coming up, will talk about that when it comes.

5. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

20 April ‘15, as distributed and posted on the website. M Jarrod, 2nd Larry carried.

6. Reports

  • Around the room order:
  • JOP (Jarrod) – JOP’s been a little slow, long weekends and such. Last weekend had 15, weekend before had 4, change in the season resulting in kids deciding to play outdoors or not.
  • Junior (Matt) – Toilets have been going well. They got pumped. A wasp nest might be forming in one of them. Need more hand sanitizer, may have to buy brand new stuff for the outlet.
  • Lessons (James) – NAP is going well, moved to Wednesday outdoors, lots of people shooting. Hope indoor sessions are being used still, James hasn’t been to the Thursday ones but heard that they’re still being attended. Has been trying to transition people to the outdoors.
    • Last week was in touch with Panorama Rec. They’re eager to jump into a program, it’s a bit early but going to have a sit down and talk about equipment, contracts, etc. to have everyone on board before going ahead with things.Would be great if we could trade off training for gym time and storage. They have one container they use for soccer and rugby that could be shared. We’ll supply equipment and instructors but we need somewhere to put them.
    • Going to be 8 people and 4 butts at most because of the size of the gym. Could try Bulldog targets, get a few in for testing. Biggest thing we need to make sure we have is a net. Helena and Al have one that belongs to BCAA that could possibly be used. One small 10 foot section that will go up at Saanich once the existing ones removed, but that’s all we have. Will discuss more at a future meeting.
  • Tournaments (Rick) – Tournaments are going well, everything is set up. Next is June 7, Helena judging and is trial for the Senior Games. July 12 Mary is judging. Last Sunday in Duncan was Senior Games qualifier for south island zone. 720s and 900s run pretty parallel now with a smooth approach.
    • JOP outdoors is June 28 at Cowichan Bowmen.
  • Treasurer (Helena) – Got payments in from Commonwealth, going to make sure no extra charges are put on. Few more billings to do but some of them haven’t gone through yet. Have to wait for information to go ahead, but everything else is paid for and we still have money and are in the black.
    • Put all lessons and groups into schedule in plastic box on the range so everyone knows when it’s in use. Brand new member very eager to help with anything around the range, going to be put in touch with Al.
    • Still a little leery with Paypal not selecting the correct dropdown, jerseys going through for cost of membership and vice versa. Kendra going to get account access from Larry or Al to look into it and get things straightened out.
    • Extra parent & child for September so Helena has three classes on Fridays then. First Nations have been very excited and eager for more classes so may have five classes on Friday, it’s very popular. Panorama Rec may be good for handling that. James was asking about billing for the extra lessons, etc. One school wanted an invoice and to know whether we were charging GST.
    • Should ask about updating our percentage of what we get from Saanich for new nets etc.
    • Only four ladies on Saturday so Ladies Night may not be worth continuing next year. Outdoor shoots are during the day when people at work. Two here in June on Saturday night, and if only 2 or 3 show up it gets a little pricey.
  • Membership (Larry) – 158 members today, 8 more than last meeting. Slowed down quite a bit, haven’t seen it quite this slow for a while now. Some people may be waiting to come in on June 1st for second half of the year.
  • Lessons (George) – Currently two courses in house still indoors, standard beginners (full) and advanced beginners with about 10 people. Amazingly enthusiastic, out of the 10 might get 9 or 10 members, 4 already have their own equipment. Next course moves outdoors in July.
  • JOP (Brad) – Moved outdoors since last meeting, had fairly reduced attendance for the first couple of weeks since then with the new schedule, long weekend, Mother’s Day and some other things. Yesterday had quite a few more and numbers should come up again. Last Wednesday was the most we’ve had on a Wednesday for a good 25 years.
  • Bev – No report.
  • Bruce – Shooting line extension party two weeks ago today to extend shooting range for two more lanes, about 8 people showed up for the work party, very successful and went quick. Looking at this Thursday for getting the road base in for the actual shooting line. Anyone who can help on Thursday would be welcome. 10 in the morning is probably ideal. Shouldn’t take all that long. Just needs to be a shooting line, isn’t required to be flat but ideally should be able to step back from the shooting line.
  • Secretary/Website (Kendra) – New hosting is paid for. In the process of moving the site over to Arvixe.

7. Business Arising

  • Social convener still not found, Jarrod found some people interested in it provided they have a better description of what it is. One of our JOP moms very interested in taking over the role. Isn’t a member but shouldn’t matter.
  • Judge clinic: Emailed today, no answer yet.
  • Camera recording equipment: Jarrod brought for demonstration. Bought to help members and students improve shooting. Is private network that allows for video streaming from pretty much any phone directly to TV. (App for Android called Parrot.) Holder is big enough to hold biggest phone you can get. Got mount, tripod, apple TV, router, and case.
    • Allows recording, refresh rate is slow but can go back and review whatever you’re shooting. Can also feed live using boom from overhead, various angles, etc. Members can use to take video of self and check form. Has remote timer too. Can also project onto white surface to actively see what’s been recorded, plus speed up or scan through.
    • Jarrod keeps it and anybody who wants to use it make arrangements with him. Choose a night to bring it out and introduce people to it.
  • Member survey: Most members have seen the survey, question of whether we want to publish it, only publish parts of it, or not at all. Potentially no benefit to the club members to publish comments and would be clumsy-looking. Could also clean comments up and publish it that way. Larry will make a summary and send it to Kendra to include in the newsletter.
    • A number of survey observations that we should address regarding membership, such as orientation to outdoor range for new members – possibly not clear enough on the website. Interest for people shooting indoors or out under supervision with club equipment, which isn’t currently provided. Need to make more obvious in website FAQ, newsletter? Thank for responses in survey and state that some answers addressed on website.
    • End of each season or year should have some kind of banquet or gathering for club members. Talk to potential social convener about it, start small and build up.
    • New cafe up the street the Nest is really good, potential social spot.
  • Indoor shooting extension: Al been there twice, 9 people both times, all right attendance. Will look at it next year but didn’t see a significant benefit. Indoor extension cheaper due to contract with Commonwealth. Understanding is that if Thursday nights ran the whole year would likely have 9 members every night. Might ask for feedback on website.
    • Question of what’s worth doing for small groups. Women’s shooting was supposed to provide more comfortable atmosphere, stated want some time women-only, no men interfering. Unless can come back with some feedback probably won’t continue that. Thursday a closer group, also needs feedback and to find out who was there. James will try to find out this Thursday. Should address in another survey what members want out of the club.
  • Outdoor landscaping and extension: cost $420

8. New Business

  • Another butt: Way range is set up now have butt at 70m for recurve, 60 for recurve cadet, 55, 50, 40, 35, 25, 20. Suggestion to get one more butt on the range to go 20, 25, 35, 45, 55 to have all distances for 900 plus short distances, while maintaining 50/60/70. Only thing missing is a 30 for the training-to-shoot people but want to graduate into longer distances anyway.
    • Propose one more butt to fill 45m distance to have full complement of distances, based on notion of providing best shooting experience possible on the range. Cost of about $300 to build one and they last a while. Getting to be more maintenance out there than we can handle but there are more good points than bad points. One of the permanent butts is ready to fall apart.
    • Motion that we make one more permanent butt, M Bruce, 2nd Helena carried.
    • George could build a few extra so have an extra 20m and replace deteriorating butts. Motion amended to making 2 butts.
    • Number distances at the bottom of each target, not in the grass so lawnmowers don’t have to fight with it, paint it directly on.
  • Buy & sell section on site: Has never worked in the past, always have people asking but have the same equipment sitting there for months. In Ontario have a Facebook Buy/Sell page that’s working well for them. For low maintenance could have swap meet during indoor season when a lot of people coming in for shooting.
  • Put sign up on the outdoor range saying “Please Victoria Bowmen Members Only”. Gold sponsored Cowichan 3D Hellhole last year, asked to sponsor again this year for National. Going to buy door prizes with the money so not directly going to support the tournament. Would like to support them but the number of members we have that are 3D shooters is really low, so low percentage of participation. Won’t be recurring because won’t have National next year.
    • Motion to donate $200 M Jarrod, 2nd Larry carried.
  • VB decals: Can get small ones done roughly between 40/50 cents per, or large for a dollar per. Come on a sheet and priced per sheet. Could get really large one for side of the van. Could sell and/or give away to new members. Minimum order of about 100.
    • Motion to buy 100 of each size, M James, 2nd James carried.
  • Saanich bylaws: Kendra doing empty bow draw practice in East Saanich park with no arrows, police officers were called and strongly suggested that it wasn’t allowed. Going to contact police dispatch, request report and go to councilor or mayor to get information on what exactly is disallowed.
  • Equipment: Arrow cutting saws, fletcher, etc. to be kept by one person rather than in central location. Currently George has saw, Jarrod has fletching jig and string jig. Saw is expensive and purpose-built, difficult for George and Jarrod to swap them because of distance. Arrangements for each of them having it for a week then leave at the container for the next person.
    • Have enough lesson bows but Jarrod short on <20 lb bows for both right and left handed JOP on Sundays. Helena will have summer camps every other week for July and August and a number of other locations needing equipment. Matthew to pick up bows for Sunday JOP if Helena can’t get there and bring back for Thursday. Get more arrows for kids too, needs about 10 sets of 3 for shafts, George going to order new 3 dozen light aluminum arrows. Jarrod to ask Campbell River if we can get some of their extra shafts.

9. Disbursements for Approval

  • Bradley for JOP
  • Jarrod for Apple TV
  • James for NAP & Saanich Lessons
  • George for Lessons & Equipment
  • Rick for Paint
  • Al for Sign & Trimmer
  • Bruce for Bulldozer
  • M Jarrod/2nd Rick – Carried

10. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

June 22, 2015 7:30PM at Saanich Commonwealth Place, Arbutus Room. Helena will bring the treats.

11. For The Good Of The Association

Members gave positive statements on the club.

12. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned 9:07 PM.