Victoria Bowmen Newsletter April 2015

Hello Everyone,

Here is the latest news including our last Board Meeting (April 20):


We are now at 151 members. If this number doesn’t include you, please get your membership in soonest.

Indoor Shooting Extended

We’ve been asked to extend indoor shooting, so we are continuing Thursday indoor shooting nights into May. This experimental and subject to popularity, so if no one comes out it will be cancelled until September/October. Our last Sunday was April 26th.

Landscaping At The Range

We’re going to do some work to add another lane to the west side of the shooting line, probably in early May. Watch for a call for shovellers and rakers!

Spring Work Party

11 April 2015: A big thank you to all those who came out and pitched in, making the range look so great so early in the season. A special ‘shout out’ to the cubs who put in such a full day! Thanks to Bev and her crew for the BBQ!


There is still interest for more workshops, so we are planning some more in the near future. Watch the website for more information as it is available. We’ll be taking names so we are sure we have enough participants to make it worth holding.


Please do not leave targets on the butts when you’re finished shooting. Either take them with you (dispose of them if they’re completely shot up), or pin them securely to the back of the butt being careful that they do not blow away.

Judge Clinic

The Judge Clinic is still delayed. The BC Judge Chair, Darcy Falk, is not available until later in the spring.

Shooting Jerseys

The new black shooting shirts are on their way; they should be delivered this week. Orders are now being taken for white shooting shirts.

Social Convenor

We are still looking for someone who would like to coordinate the social activities of the club, such as BBQs, fun shoots, after-tournament activities, etc. Please contact the board if you are interested.

Summer Range Program

  • Club nights Wednesday 6:30-9:00PM (Club & NAP), club afternoons Sunday 12-3 PM and JOP 3-5 PM.
  • Lessons Friday nights 6:30-7:30 PM and Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 PM. Butts on the east side of the range are still open during these times. Those practicing are to follow the shooting/scoring timings of the lessons.

Upcoming Shoots

Next shoot (720/900), Sunday May 10.

Ladies Shooting

The next indoor Ladies Shooting Night is Saturday May 23rd from 6-8pm. The next outdoor Ladies Shooting Night is Tuesday May 4 from 1:30-3:30pm.

Drop Ins/New Archer Program

Members are reminded that during the outdoor season drop-ins can only be accommodated on Wednesday nights — it is always a good idea to let Dave Ball know in advance. Speaking of drop-ins, members are reminded that this is a one-time initiative to show prospective members our facilities. Our insurance will not allow for more than 1 visit per guest.

Last confirmed indoor shooting is April 30th.

Latest Board Meeting

The minutes from our latest meeting (April 20) have just been posted to our meeting page.

The following is repeated information, but still topical:

Lock The Gate

If you are the last one at the range, please take the responsibility of checking to make sure everything is locked (container compound and gate). Best to go ahead and lock it if you’re not sure.


A few reminders of etiquette and procedures for indoor shooting: – Always be sure your membership card is visible!

  1. Whistle rules (always ensure someone is designated to the whistle):
    1. 2 short whistles – Archers to the line
    2. 1 short whistle – Begin Shooting
    3. 3 short whistles – Retrieve arrows
    4. 4 or more whistles – EMERGENCY – All stop shooting.
  2. Do not nock arrow until everyone is on or behind the shooting line and whistle is blown.
  3. Shoot 3 arrows, more allowed if you don’t hold up others.
  4. Step back from the shooting line when finished shooting.
  5. Never draw above top of butt. Ensure your arrow will hit the butt, if not, move a butt closer.
  6. When pulling arrows be careful of those behind you.
  7. Check your equipment before shooting.
  8. Youth under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  9. Please help set up, take down and clean up. Don’t leave this to others, someone has to set up and take down, it doesn’t take long if EVERYONE pitches in! Come a bit early and stay until the end.
  10. Ensure the container is locked if you are last to leave.
  11. There is NO shooting during work parties, when a work party is called there is no shooting until all the work is complete and the last of the workers has left — the President will open the range when it is appropriate.

Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page. Our tournament schedule is there are as are results, pictures, and information on all facets of archery!

Coming Up: BC Indoor Championships, April 19-21