BOD Meeting Minutes: March 2015

Minutes Board of Directors Meeting March 16, 2015

1. Call To Order

Meeting was called to order by the President at the Arbutus Room of Saanich Commonwealth Place at 7:30 PM

2. In Attendance

Al & Mary Wills, Helena Myllyniemi, George Trattner, Jarrod Ball, Matthew Lange, Bradley Clements, Madeleine Lee, Dave Ball, Kendra Savich and, James Collett.

  • Regrets: Bev & Bruce Somers, Diana Kaun, Larry Gagnon, Rick Ellis and Tracy Klat

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Welcome to a fairly busy meeting, lots of business.

4. Correspondence

  • PISE looking for us to participate in their demo day again this year – we don’t have the nets, personnel so we will miss this year.
  • Emails concerning lessons etc. (short discussion on improving the FAQs for these questions).

5. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

19 Jan 2015, as posted on the website. M Jarrod 2nd George Carried.

6. Reports

  • Around the room order:
  • NAP Program (James/Dave) – Program going very smoothly, lots of positive feedback.
    • Pushing new archers to integrate into the regular shooting sessions.
  • Tournaments (Rick)(written) – Workshops all went well, small numbers, but good appreciation from attendees.
    • MICA went well $280 gross – has marked butt locators with salt, purchased a small solar charger for timing battery
    • Next shoot Mar 29, Mary to Judge – need judges for Apr 19 & May 10.
  • Membership (Larry) (written) – 145 paid so far this year, 46 have completed the survey, will present at next meeting.
    • Has made some changed to renewal process and information on the website.
  • Lessons (George) – New course started yesterday, Saanich booked more than expected – George will contact Adam.
  • JOP (Bradley) – JOP going very well, numbers vary, but very many shooting 40cm targets already!
  • Website (Kendra) – New website is up and running, getting lots of positive feedback – encountered a server issues a few weeks ago causing the entire site to shut down, looking at new providers.
  • Treasurer (Helena) – Has now sent $8000 to BCAA for memberships, received first bill for toilets last month.
    • Lots of Spring Break classes all through Saanich Recreation.
    • She shot the Canadian Indoor Championships placing 8th!
  • Junior (Matt) – Toilets are nice & clean, plans to redo them again this weekend.
  • Junior (Madeline) – No report.
  • JOP (Jarrod) – JOP average 20+ kids, progressing well. Working on a scoring input system that may be able to be used by all of BCAA.
    • April 12th is JOP Indoor Championships @ Cowichan.
  • Secretary (Mary) – No report.

7. Business Arising

  • Judge Clinic – Darcy Falk is not available until later in the spring.
  • New Shirts – 12 Black shirts have been ordered being produced now.
  • Scorecards – Larry produced new.
  • Mailmatches – Barry D is looking after new results are not on the Archery Canada website (Al will contact him)
    • 8 -10 are participating – Jarrod and Greg Birtwistle have shot 6 for 60s

8. New Business

  • Social Convenor – Still have not found a volunteer.
  • Spring Work Party – 11 April 2015, Outdoor range 0930 – BBQ to follow @ noon – Hotdogs & Burgers.
    • Al will look into seeding
    • Bring tools, gloves, wheel barrows etc.
  • New Archer Program – Need to ‘tidy up’ the instructions on the website re drop ins. There can be no ‘drop-ins’ on Sundays unless previously arranged (by contacting Dave). Drop-ins Thursday nights only. (Indoor only)
  • Summer Range Program:
    • Club nights Wednesday 6:30-9:00PM (Club & NAP) Sundays 12 – 3 PM – JOP 3 – 5.
    • Lessons Friday nights 6:30 – 7:30 / Tuesday 6:30 – 8:30, butts on East side of range still open.
  • New Butt Stand – Al passed on the Board’s thanks to Vesa – for the new butts stands – Outstanding!!
  • Next Step (Saanich) Program – Sponsored by Saanich recreation, where graduates from other Saanich recreation programs can join club activities, has met with limited success, so next year we will try it again with a dedicated instructor.
  • Centre (Black) door in gym – We are hitting this door with too many arrows, Al asked that everyone cooperate by not placing butts anywhere near it.
  • Camera Recording Equipment – Jarod presented a list of equipment to facilitate recording videos of archers with the club’s ipads
    • M Dave/2nd Helena to allocate up to $500 for this equipment.

9. Disbursements for Approval

  • Dave Ball & James Collett for NAP
  • George, Helena and Matt for lessons
  • Jarrod and Bradley for JOP
  • M Jarrod/2nd James – Carried

10. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

April 20, 2015 7:30PM at Saanich Commonwealth Place, Room TBA.

11. For The Good Of The Association

Members gave positive statements on the club.

12. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm