BOD Meeting Minutes: October 2014

Minutes Board of Directors Meeting October 27, 2014

1. Call To Order

Meeting was called to order by the President at the Pacific Arbutus Room of Saanich Commonwealth Place at 7:30 PM.

2. In Attendance

Al & Mary Wills, Helena Myllyniemi, Bruce & Bev Somers, Larry Gagnon, James Collett, George Trattner, Jarrod Ball, Diana Kaun, Matthew Lange, Madeleine Lee and Rick Ellis.

  • Regrets: Tracy Klat, Bradley Clements
  • Guests Richard and Lisa Lange, Kendra Savich

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Al thanked all for attending and commented on how good it was to see the Junior Reps back at our meetings, another sign that we are emerging from the difficult times of just a few years ago. Al reminded that this term for him is that of a ‘caretaker’ to implement a new Board structure and allow for some new blood. Looking forward to a great new year.

4. Correspondence

Still many emails and calls about lessons and camps.

5. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

18 August ’14, as posted on the website. M Bev 2nd Helena Carried.

6. Business Arising

  • Drop in fees – New people allowed 2 visits that are covered by the ‘drop in’ fee – we must keep track of them, which means an indoor and outdoor list.
  • Bev will purchase 2 journals to record the guest’s names.

7. Reports

Around the room order:

  • JOP/Jarrod – Everything is going very well, Canada Winter Games trials are set – Madeleine and Alex have been invited and Matt just missed.
  • Junior Representatives/Matt & Madeleine – No report
  • Lessons/George – Extra nets are finished and ready for hanging
    • Course finished yesterday – Next course starts Nov 2.
  • Bev – Still have lots of hats and shirts to give away at Xmas shoot.
    • Work party at the range went well, BBQ was great – nice sunny day.
  • Bruce – No report.
  • Target/Rick – Work party went well, range now set for winter, Blackberries trimmed, old trees removed.
  • Treasurer/Helena – Finances are in very good shape, lessons are getting full again, doing quite a few Birthday parties.
  • Diana – No report
  • Membership/Larry – 212 Members as of today, quite a few already paid for 2015.

8. New Business

  • Website – Kendra – she works ‘in the industry’ and is willing to take on the duties of the webmaster. She specializes in website optimization, which is what the website really needs.
    • Kendra to contact Al to discuss the transfer
    • M Rick – 2nd Jarrod to create a Communications position to cover the website and social media
  • Toilets – Discussion on the lack of service from our toilet contractor – Bruce will check out the service and monitor the pumping, possibly moving to a new company.
  • Judge Clinics – Al discussed a clinic with the BCAA Judge Chair, Darcy Falk, about the possibility of him coming over to do a clinic assisted by Linda Price, who could also do a clinic with the JOP. Jarrod to contact Darcy and work out a date.
  • Coaching Clinic – Campbell River Nov 14 – 16 Run by Al & Jarrod, the club will support any club members who wish to take this training.
    • Intermediate Coaching Clinic – only 3 have shown interest, Jarrod and Rick to discuss and get back to Al/Club.
  • Logo/Shirts – Jarrod – showed drawings of some new logos and proposed shirt designs – discussion on options, he will come back with 3 proposals for the website/newsletter.
  • Tournaments – Rick – Looking at March 1st for the MICA (note subsequent to the meeting this date was found to be not available) – need a full day of the gym (min 6 hours) (time slot 11 – 8 PM)
    • 900/720 Tournaments – this ‘combo’ works well, plans to do 1 per month as registered shoots starting in January (calling them ‘because we can’ shoots). Also will host some non registered ‘fun’ shoots, which do not require judges.
    • Rick will set up a schedule and then contact the judges prior to announcing the dates.
  • Casino Funds – Bruce – Discussion on whether there were grants we might qualify for, no one knew the answer and with a lack of a volunteer to take it on it was tabled for now.
  • Ladies Shooting – Diana- Needs to speak to Adam and Margot at Saanich Recreation about open dates and bring it back to the Board.
  • Membership Information – Rick – Would like to add some statistics to the membership form and database about what equipment our archers shoot etc. Discussion – then decided to take on some electronic surveys in the New Year, possibly followed up with some mailings. Rick will send some potential questions to Kendra for the website and to Larry for input from new members.
  • Board Structure – Discussion on how many Board members we should have and how many are needed at a given meeting. Tabled to next meeting for discussion and action.

9. Disbursements For Approval

  • Mary for social, George, James for lessons, Larry for stationery
  • M Bruce/2nd Jarrod – Carried

10. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

November 17, 2014 7:30PM at Saanich Commonwealth Place Room TBA.

11. For the Good of the Association

Members gave positive statements on the club.

12. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.