AGM Meeting Minutes: September 2014

Minutes Annual General Meeting September 22, 2014

1. Call To Order

Meeting was held at in the Arbutus room of the Saanich Commonwealth centre. Victoria, BC. Called to order by the president at 7:11 PM.

2. In Attendance

Al Wills, Mary Wills, Bruce Somers, Bev Somers, Tracy Klat, Larry Gagnon, Jeff McKay, Andrew Reeve, Dina Reeve, Helena Myllyniemi, Hugh Williams, Jarrod Ball, Diana Kaun, Greg Fong, Brad Barclay, George Trattner, Larry Gagnon, Paul Lescarmare, Madeline Lee, Tom Lee, Nathan Forbes, Richard Lange, Lisa Lange, Matthew Lange, Rick Ellis, Greg Birtwistle, James Collett, John Cargnelli.

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

The chairman thanked everyone for the good turnout in attendance and informed that no notices of motions had been received for this meeting, which makes this meeting informational and to elect officers to the board for the coming year. He also stated that this meeting is for the members to find out anything they want to know about the club and to ask questions as required.

There was a moment of silence for those archers who have passed on this past year.

4. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

The minutes of the 2013 AGM were distributed at the meeting and had also been on the website for members to read.

To accept the minutes of the 2013 AGM Moved by Tracy Klat, Seconded by Andrew Reeve. Carried.

5. Reports

  • President – report attached
  • Vice-President – Verbal: Is shadowing Al and trying to learn as much as possible, so he could take over in the next year.
  • Treasurer – report attached
  • Secretary – no report
  • Membership Director – report attached
  • Tournament Director – Verbal: Great Season – started with the MICA – full gym with shooters from Vancouver.
    • Now have 7 permanent butts on the range at different distances. Thanks to George Trattner for building the stands and thanks to Jarrod for arranging Donaconna. The new American Whitetail butts have arrived and are excellent, we now have enough for the full range. We are getting 12 – 20 archers per tournament, the guests pay most of the tournament costs. We had 9 registered events this outdoor season, by the end of October we will have run 14!
    • Looking at the New Year now and will probably front load qualifiers next year before the trials for the World team.
    • We ran a 3D introduction at the Malahat and a Field shoot at Cowichan Bowmen.
    • We are getting lots of archers from north and the mainland.
  • Equipment Director – Verbal: Thanks to the Birtwistles for the Butt Buggy, a great tool and to Rhys Kent for the work on the mower.
  • Social Director – no report
  • JOP Report – Verbal: Bradley was involved in a bike accident on the weekend, Jarrod gave an update:
    • Averaging about 20 juniors per session, we have 3 archers compete in the BC Indoor and 3 are in contention for the Canada Winter Games in Prince George, 2015.
    • Put on a demo at PISE this fall, which was a great success and we are still seeing those who came out for that.
  • Standing Committees – Women’s Committee – Verbal: Diana reported on the Women’s shooting initiative, hoping to start up in the fall again this year, didn’t get any outdoor events planned this year. Did an interview with Monday magazine profiling Helena and a press release for the JOP.

6. Business Arising


7. Election of Officers

Vice president Jarrod Ball took the chair to present the nominating committee’s recommendations for the 2014/15 slate of officers.

The following were elected by position and will form the Executive Committee:

  • President – Al Wills
  • Vice-President – Jarrod Ball
  • Secretary – Mary Wills
  • Treasurer – Helena Myllyniemi

The following we elected to the Board of Directors:

  • Bruce Somers
  • Larry Gagnon
  • Tracy Klat
  • George Trattner
  • Bev Somers
  • James Collett
  • Madeline Lee/Matthew Lange (sharing the Junior Rep position)
  • Bradley Clements
  • Rick Ellis
  • Diana Kaun

8. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

Monday October 27, 2014, 7:30 PM Saanich Commonwealth Place.

Work Party Saturday October 18th 10AM – Butt repair and Field preparation. Lunch (Burgers etc) will be served.

9. For the Good of the Association

Members present gave their thoughts and suggestions:

  • Life memberships, The Board presented Bev Somers and Tracy Klat as Life Members, M Jarrod/2nd Diana – Carried unanimously.

10. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned.

2014 President’s Report

It is with very mixed emotions that I report to you today! While I am very pleased to report another successful year for the Victoria Bowmen, I had hoped to be handing over the reins this year. It is not necessarily a bad thing, however, as I sense a will to move the club to new challenges in the near future and I am excited to be a part of leading the club into a new era. While we will start with a new set of bylaws etc, I hope that we will also be able to better service new members and offer challenges to all our members.

Another year of growth, not sure how long we can sustain, but it is very interesting to see more and more new faces, our challenge now, as I mentioned above is to learn to service and retain more of these members. I must acknowledge the great work of our instructors both in lessons and in JOP, we have trained an incredible number of archers this year. A special well done to Helena, who has taught classes all year including almost full time this summer!

I wish I could report some progress on making the range a more permanent home for us, however, bureaucracy can be and is very difficult to deal with. The good news is, the more we are there the more that location becomes known as the archery range, the better off we’ll be. We are known by View Royal and Shared Services BC as the tenant on the property and both are pleased with us, so we just have to continue to be a good tenant. We cannot ask for a better location and until we are much better organized and much more financially viable, we cannot hope for better.

I have attended all Board other meetings, produced the minutes, generated newsletters and maintained the website. Our regular newsletters and social media updates keep our members informed.

Another year of incredible numbers for indoor, we are still enjoying 2 days a week with some nights near capacity, we lobbied hard for more time, however, the times we want are also popular with other users. We have negotiated slightly new times on Sundays, which gives us some more flexibility for lessons and JOP, regular member shooting stays the same. We are trying hard to move on with other locations being investigated.

This year we also saw a great turnout to our many tournaments, it is good to see the range being used by so many!

As I said above and last year, I will serve another term, but only 1 more! It is time for different leadership and new blood. I hope to always be a part of the Board and a part of Victoria Bowmen, but… It’s time

Respectfully submitted,

Al Wills, President

Treasurer’s Report

It seems that our club is getting back to its normal functions again. Regular shooting times with fairly good attendance, some enthusiastic archers attending our tournaments and the very busy classes and camps has been very satisfying to see.

This year again, we had some major expenses to bear. In addition to still ongoing outdoor range development we purchased some new bows and new target buttresses as our old ones from back our hosting the World Championships were getting worn out.

On the revenue side we had a very busy year with the Commonwealth classes and the summer camps bringing a much needed income. Our tournaments were free or almost free to our members to attract more participants.

All in all, we had to take some money out of our investment account, but we are getting back on out feet so to speak.

It has been a pleasure to serve again and I will have my name on the roster again if the members so desire.

Respectfully submitted,

Helena Myllyniemi, Treasurer

Membership Director’s Report

This year was another promising year for membership levels and archery interest. We currently have 197 club members, which includes all family members and juniors.

A few changes were made to the way we do membership this year, in the hope of making the process easier for many:

1) enabled payments via PayPal
2) reduced need for paper copies of membership forms by simply taking details via email from both new and renewing members
3) created a “New Members” brochure to include with the mail-out of the new member’s card. The brochure gives new members basic info on the club in case they have not read our website
4) offered the option to new members who join between July through September to pay double BCAA-AC fees in order to join until Dec 31st of the following year
5) having AC insurance available so the a “guest” can try out archery for a short couple of sessions before joining the club

Also, a more obvious small sign with the club website address is being made to place above the “Archery Info” mailbox at the outdoor range.

At year end I intend to tidy up our membership renewal email procedure by giving those no longer interested the option to be removed from our database.

If any members have ideas on how to improve membership renewals or anything else about membership in general please let me know.

Larry Gagnon