Hello Everyone,

Here is the latest news including our last Board Meeting (June 23rd):

Important Meeting:
Our Annual General Meeting will be held on the 21st of September at the Outdoor Range at 4:00 PM. Please mark your calendar, this is an important meeting. If you wish to serve on the Board of Directors, please let Al know and you will be added to the nominations.

Provincial 3D Championships
Our sister club from Duncan, the Cowichan Bowmen successfully hosted the Provincial 3D Championships this past weekend. From all reports it was one of the finest 3D shoots in BC history! Well done to them

Congratulations to our own Rick Ellis for shooting the top score and to Grant MacDonald on making the BC Team to the Nationals in Alberta this coming August!

We have a total of 179 members as of Monday!

Paper Tuner
For those of you who want to do some paper tuning at the range, we have built a new paper tuner frame, it is in the East container and available for use (there is some paper with it, however, to be safe bring some newsprint (butcher paper is the preferred medium). Thanks to Rick Ellis for the construction!

Butt Buggy
Thank you to the Birtwistles for producing a buggy for moving our large, heavy Donaconna butts. Speaking of butts, we are in the process of replacing some of our round foam butts, so there will be large and small butts for sale. Please watch for an announcement, we are not ready to discuss sales just yet!

Formal Classes/JOP
We teach formal archery classes in concert with Saanich Recreation on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and our JOPs shoot on Sunday afternoons (3 – 5), if you want to shoot while they are going on, please do so on a ‘non interference basis, follow their timings by starting and stopping shooting with them.

Shooting During Work Parties – clarification
It is refreshing to have so many of you offer to leave when one of our other members is working, however, a workparty is defined as something organized, called and advertised by the club, where members are asked to come out and work on projects or tasks. If it is just one of us cutting grass or working, by all means talk to them and see if you can shoot on a ‘non interference basis. Your cooperation is appreciated!

Ladies Shooting
The ladies shooting is finished for now, based on interest we will begin again later this summer or in the fall, if you are interested, (Ladies only), please provide your feed back to Diana.

Registered Shoots
A number of our competitive archers have requested more opportunities to shoot registered 720 rounds for national ranking. In response we have made the following changes. The July 12 shoot will be a registered double 720. The Aug 23 shoot will be a registered double 720. We will be adding a registered double 720 on July 20. this will also be a registered 1440.

Fall Shooting Times
We have new shooting times for Sundays at Saanich Commonwealth Pool – 1:15 – 2:45 JOP and then the club from 2:45 until 4:45.

The following is repeated information, but still topical:

Summer Mailmatches
Summer mailmatches are now running through September with shooting on Saturday mornings at 10, they are all listed on our tournaments page on the website. Note that if you miss a Saturday, you can still shoot anytime during the week as long as there are 3 participants. There is a one time fee of $10 for the entire program.

Judge Training
We need new judges, if you are interested in Judge training, please contact Al and we will set up an introductory meeting. The process is very simple, you can do the first training online, then assist in some tournaments and if you like it, you can move onto more training and certification. Please give this some consideration, we need you!

Coach Training
If there is sufficient interest we will look at another Instructor Beginner course in the fall (this is training for supervision and teaching of basic archery). We are also considering offering a Instructor Intermediate course (normally for those that have successfully completed Instructor Beginner) in the fall. Again, please contact Al if you are interested.

Forrest Gump Club
The gang that cuts the grass is euphemistically called the Forrest Gump Club, we need some more volunteers to run the mower and trimmer to keep the range working well, please contact Al if you can enter the rotation. We will arrange some training on the mower and how to work the trimmer.

Tuesday Night Shooting

  • Our lessons will be conducted on Tuesday evenings again this year, so the lessons have priority, you are welcome to shoot on butts they are not using, but please follow their whistles and safety protocols.
  • This also applies to our JOP sessions on Sunday afternoons

2014 Outdoor Tournament Schedule
We have just updated our listing of outdoor tournaments for 2014

Lock the Gate:

  • We have had quite a few instances lately of the gate not being closed and locked, if you are the last one at the range, please take the responsibility of checking to make sure everything is locked (container compound and gate). Best to go ahead and lock it if you’re not sure.

A few reminders of etiquette and procedures for outdoor shooting: – Always be sure your membership card is visible!

1. Whistle rules (always ensure someone is designated to the whistle):

  1. a) 2 short whistles – Archers to the line
    b) 1 short whistle – Begin Shooting
    c) 3 short whistles – Retrieve arrows
    d) 4 or more whistles – EMERGENCY – All stop shooting.
  2. Do not nock arrow until everyone is on or behind the shooting line and whistle is blown.
    3. Shoot 6 arrows, more allowed if you don’t hold up others
    4. Step back from the shooting line when finished shooting
    5. Never draw above top of butt. Ensure your arrow will hit the butt, if not, move a butt closer
    6. When pulling arrows be careful of those behind you.
    7. Check your equipment before shooting.
    8. Youth under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
    9. Please help set up, take down and cleanup. Don’t leave this to others, someone has to set up and take down, it doesn’t take long if EVERYONE pitches in! Come a bit early and stay until the end.
    10. Ensure container and gate is locked if you are last to leave.
    11. There is NO shooting during work parties, when a work party is called there is no shooting until all the work is complete and the last of the workers has left – The President will open the range when it is appropriate.

Keep an eye on the website, and our facebook page, our tournament schedule is there are as are results, pictures and information on all facets of archery!