BOD Meeting Minutes: June 2014

Minutes Board of Directors Meeting June 23, 2014

1. Call To Order

Meeting was called to order by the President at the Arbutus Room of Saanich Commonwealth Place at 7:35 PM.

2. In Attendance

Al & Mary Wills, Helena Myllyniemi, Barry Snowdon, Larry Gagnon, James Collett, George Trattner, Jarrod Ball, Diana Kaun and Rick Ellis

  • Regrets: Bruce & Bev Somers, Tracy Klat, Bradley Clements

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Al Opened the meeting by presenting Helena a new ipad from the BCAA to assist her with her coaching duties, Al also receive one and has donated it to the JOP for their coaching use. These tools are a part of BCAA’s work with coaches to increase archery proficiency in BC.

4. Correspondence

  • Still many emails and calls about lessons and camps.
  • Thank you card from the Cowichan Bowmen for our Gold Sponsorship.

5. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

26 May ’14, as posted on the website. M Larry 2nd Barry Carried.

6. Business Arising

  • Timers – Al thanked Larry for his work in repairing the controllers for the timers, we now have all components and spares in working order.
  • Fall Shooting times – Sundays
    • 11:15 – 1:15 Adult Classes
    • 1:15 – 2:45 JOP
    • 2:45 – 4:45 Club Shooting
  • Al will contact Saanich to ensure that the adult classes can access the gym at 10:45 as they have significant set up required. This will increase our revenue for next year while allowing us more time!
  • Will begin promoting new timings right away.

7. Reports

Around the room order:

  • Larry – 179 Members as of today
  • Field – Barry – New weed trimmer head works fantastic!
  • Equipment/Lessons – George – 2 outdoor courses going well on Tuesday nights
    • Could not accommodate the Saanich Police, hope to make it work in the future
  • Lessons – James – met with Claire & Matthew @ Panorama/Greenglades concerning possible future lessons. The facility looks very good and has excellent potential, would require another equipment use/rental similar to what we have for Saanich, James will continue to work with them. Al suggested members of the Board try to get out there to see the site.
  • Diana – Spoke with Andrew Weaver about what could be done to get us a more permanent property, Al ruled that this would be committee work and not necessarily for the Board right now, – Committee set up of Rick, James, Diana and Jarrod to report back to the Board.
    • Women’s shooting – still successful, last day yesterday still collecting responses on when/how to continue, Al had spoken to Adam and there are some dates open, mostly Saturdays.
  • Rick – Paper tuner is built and in the container for use.
    • The Birtwistles built a butt mover, which works very well and will provide us with the ability to move the big butts easily.
    • 11 people signed up for mailmatches, still shooting on Saturdays.
    • BC 3D Championships were held the last weekend at Cowichan Bowmen this past weekend, was a tremendous success. Many of our club members assisted in setup and take down approx 175 participated.
  • JOP/Jarrod – Everything is going very well, new members each week – Spoke with Penny @ Cowichan about some more indoor shoots for the Winter Games aspiring archers, which would benefit both clubs.
  • Treasurer/Helena – Commonwealth still owes us about $3,000 – Thursday PM shooting 6 – 8 – parent child lessons on a non-interference basis with club activities. Day camps at commonwealth every other week – very busy for July and August – will bring in more than $4000 for 2 months.
  • Secretary/Mary – No report.

8. New Business

  • Training Equipment – Discussion on the lack of equipment to service all the different needs (Lessons, JOP etc), M Barry/2nd James to purchase 12 new adult bows for the club with sufficient spares (strings, nocks, rests etc) up to $2000
  • New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation – Al has looked into this legislation and it does not apply to small societies such as ours.
  • Short term memberships from June – October – Larry clarified that new membership begins October 1st not, September 1. M Larry/2nd Rick that new members who want to join for the next year after June 1 would be charged the extra $65 to cover their Archery Canada/BCAA membership and insurance. Carried
  • Butts – Rick reported on this project carried over from the last meeting, he has spoken with American Whitetail about the butts and cores we received in 2012 and are not happy with, they want to ‘make it right’ and will replace the cores at cost. Discussion on new technologies and new butts they propose vs our needs. M James/2nd Diana to authorize up to $6000 to purchase 15 Cores and 10 hybrid matts and accessories Carried.
  • Work party will be required when the new butts arrive.
  • Coaching Judging Courses for the fall – Al will set up a fall schedule for an Intermediate course.
  • Archery Canada Registered shoots – it was clarified that Archery Canada registration of a tournament includes different tournament types (eg 900/720)
  • Tracy’s father-in-law passed away last week – club will send flowers.

9. Disbursements For Approval

James/Helena/Matthew – for lessons, Rick/ equipment M- Jarrod/2nd Larry – Carried

10. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

August 18 2014 Saanich Commonwealth Place (SCP) Pacific Dogwood Room 7:00 PM.

Annual General Meeting will be held September 21, 2014 at the range on completion of the tournament or at SCP in case of inclement weather.

Helena volunteered to bring sweets to the next meeting.

11. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.