Results: Victoria Bowmen 720 (Reg AC), June 2014

Victoria Bowmen 720 (Reg AC), Sunday June 8, 2014
Judge: Helena Myllyniemi
Weather: Overcast – windy in the afternoon (gusts)

Name Division Class Total
Randy Granbois Master(M) Bow Hunter Open 622
Barry Denluck Master(M) Bow Hunter Release 595
Jimmy Birtwistle Master(M) Compound 444
Greg Birtwistle Senior(M) Compound 658
Al Wills Senior(M) Compound 616
Vesa Myllyniemi Master(M) Recurve 527
Sergey Bolutenko Senior(M) Recurve 619
Tim Bilyk Senior(M) Recurve 545
Jarrod Ball Senior(M) Recurve 538
Greg Fong Senior(M) Recurve 498
Colin Partridge Senior(M) Recurve 366
Brad Barclay Senior(M) Recurve 318
Helen Roberton Master(F) Recurve 358
Madeline Lee Junior(F) Recurve 360

Afternoon Round

Randy Granbois Master(M) Bow Hunter Open 606
Barry Denluck Master(M) Barebow 219
Jimmy Birtwistle Master(M) Compound 489
Greg Birtwistle Senior(M) Compound 638
Allan (Al) Wills Senior(M) Compound 591
Vesa Myllyniemi Master(M) Recurve 497
Sergey Bolutenko Senior(M) Recurve 612
Greg Fong Senior(M) Recurve 528
Jarrod Ball Senior(M) Recurve 497
Brad Barclay Senior(M) Recurve 364
Helen Roberton Master(F) Recurve 274