BOD Meeting Minutes: April 2014

Minutes Board of Directors Meeting April 14, 2014

1. Call To Order

Meeting was called to order by the President at the Arbutus Room of Saanich Commonwealth Place at 7:25 PM.

2. In Attendance

Al & Mary Wills, Helena Myllyniemi, Barry Snowdon, Bruce & Bev Somers, George Trattner, Jarrod Ball, Bradley Clements Diana Kaun and Rick Ellis. Mary brought cookies.

  • Regrets: Tracy Klat, Larry Gagnon, James Collett,

3. Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Al thanked everyone for coming, expressed some optimism after a visit to a Montreal Olympic meeting.

4. Correspondence

Saanich Rec rental agreements, many emails and calls about lessons and camps.

5. Approval Of The Minutes Of The Last Meeting

9 March ’14, as posted on the website. M Jarrod 2nd Bradley Carried.

6. Business Arising

  • Memorial Trees – James has the file and should be purchasing the trees, looking for something fast growing.
  • Ladies Night – Al talked to Adam and passed the results to Diana for action. There are some timings that may be available at a much better rate. May 3rd is not available.
  • Social Events With Tournaments – Nothing has come forward yet, will discuss later.

7. Reports

Around the room order:

  • Secretary/Mary – No report.
  • Bruce – No report
  • Bev – No report
  • Field/Barry – Signs are up, all agreed great job!
  • Rick – MICA Shoot was a success, 16 Guests, 13 Club members went really well, had time for a team round, the event was really appreciated by the Vancouver group.
    • Summer Tournament Schedule re done based on Archery Canada ranking system.
    • Will produce a list of judges for shoots.
    • Intro to 3D demo confirmed with the Malahat Club May 3 1 – 3PM – details in the newsletter
    • Still considering a Field Round.
  • PR/Diana – Nothing more, already reported on Ladies night
  • JOP/Brad – getting lots of shooters coming out.
  • JOP/Jarrod – Participated in JOP Indoor in Cowichan, incredible results! 7 of our archers placed 1st or 2nd, very good response to the new custom shirts.
    • Received appreciation for our sponsorship of the Provincial 3D.
    • Would like to consider hosting next year.
    • Is participating in the Family day at the Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence (PISE) May 3
  • Equipment/George – 2 new courses just started with 16 in each, Intermediate class just finishing
    • First outdoor course will be June 15th.
  • Treasurer/Helena – Got the accounting software working again – submitted financial statement, Commonwealth still owes us about $4,000 – 4 Courses on Thursday, 2 on Friday and lots happening the summer.
    • Discussion on disposal of the 2012 Shirts, hats and World Championships posters, we will start bringing them out where the club members can see them at greatly reduced prices. George will take 9 for the intermediate course. Suggested price for the hats $5.

8. New Business

  • Spring Work Party – April 26th, 10 – 12 with a BBQ afterwards
    • Pruning, butt repair, raking to remove rocks that may interfere with the mower.
    • Al will contact Barry to see if the Backhoe is still available.
    • Paint shelter – Jarrod to check on paint (stain) and Donaconna
    • Barry will do the weed clearing around the butt placement nails.
    • Mary will do the BBQ – Bev will assist.
  • Power – Al reported on the closing of this project as we would have needed significant grounding support meaning extension cords could not be used. Decided we could do much better renting or purchasing a generator.
  • Timer needs to be checked – Al will action

9. Disbursements For Approval

  • Rick E Tournament supplies
  • Jarrod, Brad, JOP
  • George for Equipment/Lessons

10. Time And Place Of Next Meeting

May 26 2014 Saanich Commonwealth Place Arbutus Room 7:30 PM.

Helena volunteered to bring sweets to the next meeting.

11. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.