Welcome to Victoria Bowmen, one of Canada’s oldest and most distinguished archery clubs. We stand to promote the spread of archery in its many forms, including competitive target shooting, bow hunting, and personal practice for fun, exercise, and meditation.

    Archery has historically been used for hunting and combat. In modern times, it’s primarily a competitive sport and recreational activity, but the bow and arrow is still an effective weapon that sees practical use in many areas today.

    Getting Started In Archery

    How to “get started” in archery is a loaded question. Most of the answers will be unique to each new archer. Skill, regular practice, patience, and budget are all important considerations.

    Victoria Bowmen can provide guidance for archers of all ages, starting with beginners lessons and progressing into club membership and professional competition. Nothing is firm: We mean to guide you through the steps required and things to consider when starting out. The most important part of archery is to have fun.

    A Note For Parents

    It’s best to NOT buy archery gear for your child before starting lessons, as archery equipment is highly customizable according to the user, and used equipment may be available for sale.

    Once your child has mastered the basics, the Jr. Olympic Program is an excellent environment for your child to develop competitive skills, and for both of you to learn more about the different kinds of equipment.

    Kids can learn the basics of the sport by coming out to shoot at various lesson times, and dropping by during club shoots to ask questions of the JOP instructors.

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