Traditionally, courtesy and safety have been part of the heritage of archery. The Victoria Bowmen strongly encourage adherence to the BCAA Range Safety Policy when on any archery range.

While any shooting is in progress, the individual archer should always try to be aware of the rights and feelings of the rest of the group they are shooting with. To this end, here is a list of things you should be aware of:

Indoor Range Rules

  1. Whistle rules (always ensure someone is designated to the whistle):
    • 2 short whistles – Archers to the line
    • 1 short whistle – Begin Shooting
    • 3 short whistles – Retrieve arrows
    • 4 or more whistles – EMERGENCY – All stop shooting.
  2. Do not nock your arrow until everyone is on or behind the shooting line and 1 short whistle is blown.
  3. Shoot 3 arrows, more allowed if you don’t hold up others.
  4. Step back from the shooting line when finished shooting.
  5. Never draw above the top of your butt.
  6. Shoot only from distances where you are likely to hit the butt. Move closer if not.
  7. When pulling arrows, be careful of those behind you.
  8. Check your equipment before shooting.
  9. Youth under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  10. Please help set up, take down, and clean up.
  11. Ensure container is locked if you are last to leave.

Outdoor Range Rules

  1. Nock your arrow only when all archers are on or behind their shooting line.
  2. Longer distance shooters always use the east (right) side of the field.
  3. Never draw above the top of your butt.
  4. Shoot only from distances where you are likely to hit the butt. Move closer if not.
  5. Do not go behind the berm to retrieve arrows if others are on the range.
  6. Forbidden items on the range: vehicles, firearms, crossbows, and broadhead arrows.
  7. Keep the range and container area tidy and clean. Remove garbage.
  8. Youth under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  9. Dogs must be on a leash at all times and must be picked up after.
  10. If last to leave, lock containers, toilets, container fence and entrance gate.

Range Etiquette

  1. Don’t talk on the line or distract other archers in anyway during the shooting of the end. However, visitors should be allowed to talk in a normal manner behind the waiting line. This will reproduce the same atmosphere you will find at a tournament and will permit the visitors to enjoy their visit to the club.
  2. When you have shot your end (your “turn”), step back from the line several paces to give the other archers a chance to complete their end. In competition, there is an area 3 metres from the shooting line called “the waiting line”. You must be behind this line. This will allow the Director of Shooting to see who has yet to complete the end.
  3. Have an encouraging remark to pass rather than a sarcastic one.
  4. When you shoot an arrow you are not happy with, do not abuse your own shooting as this may upset or distract others.
  5. When outdoors, help others look for lost arrows. You may lose one of your own one day.
  6. Archers should walk, not run, on the shooting range.
  7. Respect the other arrows in the target while you are pulling your own.
  8. Make yourself available for club chores such as setting up/taking down butts and targets, collecting score sheets, putting things away, etc. This will help make a stronger club (“Many hands make light work”).
  9. Ask permission before touching the equipment of other archers.
  10. Take the time to thank the tournament officials for their help in organizing and running the tournament.
  11. Above all, be a good sport, have fun, and remember: it’s not the winning that counts, but the participation and competing fairly.