Types of Archery Competitions

There are literally dozens of different types of archery competitions. For the purpose of our website, we will focus on the main ones that are shot in Canada.

Just to clarify some basic terms that are used below, a

Archers shoot in categories based on the equipment they shoot and their age

FITA Round
This is the international round shot round the world for FITA Stars (an award for shooting scores of 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1350 and 1400). This is also the round shot for qualifying at the World Championships.

36 arrows at 90, 70 50 & 30 metres for Men for a total of 144 arrows
36 arrows at 70, 60 50 & 30 metres for Women, Cadet and Master Men for a total of 144 arrows
The standard FITA 4 colour/ten ring 122 cm target is used at 90, 70 and 60 metres each end is 6 arrows)
The 80cm target is used at 50 & 30 metres with 12 ends of 3 arrows at each distance.

720 Round (AKA Combined FITA 70/60/50M Round)
The qualification round for the Olympic games (Recuve only) is shot at 70M (72 arrows)

Compounds also shoot this round at world cups and other events, always at 50M. It is also shot at 60M for masters and cadets.

Canadian 900
5 ends of 6 arrows at 55, 45, 35 Metres on the 122cm target face

Indoor Rounds
2 rounds are normally shot indoors:
FITA 18M - The international indoor round 60 arrows (usually shot in 2 rounds of 30) at the 40cm target face at 18 metres
FITA 25M - The international indoor round 60 arrows (usually shot in 2 rounds of 30) at the 60cm target face at 25 metres

3D Archery is shooting in a field setting (usually in very hilly terrain) at life size animal targets categories also follow age/equipment guidelines

Canada shoots the FITA Field round consisting of  24 targets (in 12 target groups) at various ranges from 10 to 60 metres. Cadets and Barebow archers shoot at different shooting stakes from the other categories. IFAA Field is also shot, but mostly in Ontario.

JOP Rounds (Junior Olympic Program)
The JOP shoots mostly the FITA I indoors and the Canadian 900 outdoors, the target size and distance changes based on skill levels attained (click here for specific JOP info)